Parent Volunteer Commitment

Each family’s support is needed in order to have a successful season. Most members find that the meet assignments and support activities help them enjoy the swim season even more and they get to know some great kids in the process. There are 3 types of job assignments required of each family:

  • Meet Job Commitment:  Each family will be required to supply one adult, age 16 and up, to work eight swim meet assignments (final number of job assigments depends on Registration Numbers for the Season). In addition, each family is required to work Time Trials if their swimmer participates at the trials. Swimmers will not be eligible for meets until one adult from the family has signed up to work their meet assignments.  If you are not able to keep your meet assignment(s), it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement.  You must work the entire assignment to get credit for the meet assignment. Additional meet assignments will be required for participation at Invitational Meets.
  • Team Job Commitment: Each family will be required to work on a swim season team-related activity.  A descriptive list of these jobs is supplied at FHST Registration and on the website
  • Invitational Meets: If a family chooses to participate in an invitational meet, that family must supply one adult to work during the meet. This is in addition to regular meet assignments and does not count  toward fulfilling the Swim Meet Assignment requirements or the Team Support requirement. (Specific invitational meets discussed later in Handbook.)

A list of all Swim Meet Assignments and Team Support Assignments and the names of the family assigned to the job will be available on the web-site during the season.  Use the list if you need to find a replacement for any assignments you might be unable to fulfill.