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How old does my child need to be?

Boys and girls from the age 4 to 18 may swim for FHST. The swimming age is determined by the age as of June 15 of the current year. Also, because this is a recreational program, swimmers may not have swum consistently with any organization since December 31 of the prior year.

Does my child need to be a strong swimmer to join a swim team?

We have all levels of swimmers from recreational to county qualifiers. 

There are some minimum basic water skills necessary to be eligible for participation on the team:

1. Child can put face in the water comfortably without a coach in the water with the child.

2. Child is able to be in the water comfortably without panic or fear.

3. Child can swim 5 yards of the pool using any stroke and tread water in the deep end of the pool.

4. Child is able and willing to follow simple directions from the coaches, both in/out of pool.

Do you have a program for pre-swimmers?

Yes, We have a program called "Kit Club" which is a development program for 8 & Under swimmers to learn the skills they need to be part of the competitive team. Swimmers are offered instruction at their level with specific instruction on the four strokes. Once your swimmer can swim a stroke legally they will be eligible to swim in dual meets. Most "Kit Clubbers" swim in our last two home meets.  These swimmers must be able to meet the 4 qualifications listed above to join the Kit Club.

Can I join FHST if I don't belong to Forest Hills Aquatic Park?

Yes, anyone can join FHST.

What are the parent commitments?

Each family's support is needed to have a successful season. Parents of competitive swimmers are required to work 8 dual meet jobs, as a timer, shepherd, snack bar help, etc., and fill one team support job.

Where can I find the description of the different "meet jobs"?

Under the Job Info bar at the top of the webpage.

Where can I find the description of the different "team support jobs"?

You can find it under Job Info tab at the top of the page.

What if my child joins the team but decides they just don't like it, can I get a refund?

We do offer a limited refund for new families. Refer to the Handbook for more details.  To download the Handbook, see the Parent Info tab.

What types of meets will my child swim in?

There are three different types of meets

  • Time Trials- This a meet at the beginning of the season where swimmers will swim all five strokes to get a base time to improve upon for the year. It is also a great opportunity for new families to see how a meet works and learn how to do some of the jobs.
  • Dual Meets- Most of our meets are dual meets. These are meets where we compete against one other team, either at our home pool or at their pool.
  • Invitationals- Invitational meets are special meets organized by teams in our area. These are generally one or two full day meets with multiple teams attending. There are additional fees to attend these meets and you must sign your swimmer up to attend them.

What if I my swimmer can't go to all the meets?

Even though we love to have all the swimmers at the meets we do understand that sometimes you have other plans or commitments.  If you will not be at a meet you will need  to "sign your swimmer out" of the meet one week prior to the meet that they will not be attending.  Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine. If you are scheduled to work the meet, you will also need to find a replacement worker.

What distance do the swimmers swim?

6 & Unders, 7-8's swim 25 yards

9-10 thru 13-14's swim 50 yards

15-18's swim 100 yards.

Can I be on deck during my child's practice?

Yes, we just ask that you not interrupt the coaches or distract the swimmers during practice. If you have other children with you, you are responsible for watching them at all times.

Can siblings or parents use the pool during practice?

No, only team members should be in the water during their practice time. FHAP members are allowed to swim laps during team practice in the lane reserved for their use.  There is no lifeguard on duty during practice. 

If we do not belong to Forest Hills Aquatic Park can we use the pool outside of practice and meets?

No, only Forest Hills Aquatic Park members can use the pool outside swim team hours.

Can I speak with the coaches during practice?

Parents are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the coaches, however, these discussions must be held outside of the practice session. You may contact our coach liaison at [email protected], leave a note in the coaches folder in the Family File Box or speak with them after practice.

Do the coaches offer private lessons?

Yes, our coaches offer private lessons.  You should contact them directly to schedule a lesson. Their contact information is under "Swim Lessons" under the "Parent Info" tab.

Can I drop off my child for practice?

For younger siblings, we prefer that you stay and watch your swimmer during their practice time. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents in your child's age group, and for you to praise your child when they are done. If you do drop off your swimmer, you must be back on deck before your swimmer exits the water. The coaches cannot watch the children on deck and do a proper job of coaching the swimmers in the water.

How do I know if my child should be in Kit Club or if they should be on the competitive team?

The coaches will evaluate your child the first two weeks of practice and they will determine if your child will be in "kit club" or on the "competitive team".

Does my child have to come to practice every day?

Attending practice on a regular basis will enable swimmers to improve conditioning, learn proper stroke and turn techniques and improve swim times. If you have a planned vacation, we understand and just ask that you let the coaches know when you will be missing practice.

Is FHST part of a swim league?

FHST is a member of the Diablo Community Swim League (DCSL) which gives us a chance to swim against many of the best swim teams in the area and compete in the League Championship  The league website is http://crgswimstats.com/DCSL/index.php.

Who should I contact if I have more questions about joining the team?

Contact our Membership Director by email at [email protected]