The Bolles Swim Camp is run on the inclusive campus of The Bolles School, one of the top private schools in the United States and one of the most beautiful high school campuses you will ever see situated on the picturesque St. Johns River. The Bolles School was voted as the most beautiful high school campus in the state of Florida, Bolles attracts students from all over the world that are drawn by the incredible academics as well as the top notch athletic programs and facilities that we boast. The Bolles School has a robust boarding program that provides an unprecedented environment of student-athletes that become like their second families.


The Dorms

We are able to accomodate approximately 100 athletes in the dorms for the Bolles Swim Camp each session. Bolles Hall provides the space and accomodations that are similar to a college dorm layout with some common areas that females and males can come together to play pool, ping pong, watch TV or play on a computer.

The Dining Hall

The dining hall is a spacious eating area where you can sit inside or the outside view of the St. Johns River. The dining hall provides three meals per day(two on Saturdays and Sundays) with a snack at night before dinner. The meals are well rounded meals with proteins, vegetable, fruits and granins in a buffet style where athletes can eat as much as they need and we always do our best to accomodate special dietary requests.

Swimming Facilities

We are very fortunate to have one of the best swimming facilities of any high school in the United States with a 8 lane 50 meter pool that can convert to a 19 lane 25 yard pool, we also have an additional 8 lane 25 yard pool(soon to be 10 lane 25 yard) with a diving well. This gives us the space and ability to be very creative in our skill development and training of elite level athletes.

Dryland Facilities

Onsite of the two pools we also have a dryland room that houses primarily body weight based type equipment like medballs, cords, pull up bars, weight bars, etc. We also have access on campus to a weight room with traditional weights if needed. These facilities allow us to develop the functional strength of all the athletes that come both through the swim camp but also our Bolles Sharks athletes.