Swim Sets & Workouts to Improve Your Kick

Erica Leary

Swim Sets & Workouts to Improve Your Kick

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Having a powerful kick is critical to fast swimming.

Whether it is improving your breakouts and underwater dolphin kick, to having a strong and steady 6-beat kick throughout your races, having monster legs means that you are also able to keep better body positioning in the water, and will also keep your technique intact at the end of your races.

Within our collection of kick sets, you will find a little something for everyone. There is high-intensity blast kick work, higher volume aerobic stuff, and a whole bunch of kicking sets that will target your underwater dolphin kick.

10 Minutes a Day to a Faster Underwater Dolphin Kick.

The underwater dolphin kick is the not-so-secret of top swimmers like Florent Manaudou, Cesar Cielo, Michael Phelps, and others. Here is a quick and powerful set to improve your fly kicks in as little as ten minutes a day.

Improve Your Underwater Fly Kick with the “Ropes” Kick Set.

A simple rope is all you need to help encourage longer, and ultimately better, underwater dolphin kick work for your swimmers.

A Kick Set for Faster Foot Speed in the Water.

Developing a high kick tempo is imperative for swimmers who want to swim supremely fast. Here is a set that is designed specifically to help you get your feet moving.

Supercharge Your Kick: 4 Sets for Kicking Power and Speed.

Sean Baker from Oakville Aquatics shared these sets that National Team member Evan White did (also includes his results on the sets).

My Favorite Sets for Developing Flutter Kick Thunder-Speed.

Here are a handful of the kick sets that are consistently in my training rotation.

How to Kick Faster with the Mesa Aquatic Club.

Want to improve your kick? Here is a workout and a kicking drill from Paul Smith, owner, and director of coaching of the Mesa Aquatics Club, one of the top age group and masters programs in the country.

Build a Faster Kick: Kicking it with Boilermaker Aquatics.

Here are two sets that will help develop lower body power and endurance over the season.

Get Your Kick in Shape with the Variable Speed Kick Set.

Michael Chapman of Boonville Aquatics shares a set designed to boost leg conditioning, promote better posture in the water, and even teach you to become a more mindful kicker.

Faster Underwaters: The Bolles Sharks Underwater Dolphin Kick Set.

Jon Sakovich, head coach of the storied Bolles Sharks program, one of the top-producing teams on the planet, shares his favorite set to help swimmers improve their underwaters. Here’s how to do it.

Fire Up Your Kick with this USRPT Set for Faster Kicking. 

Keep it short, keep it fast–that is the concept behind USRPT sets. Here is a USRPT-themed kick set to help your swimmers improve both their underwater fly kick and their overall kick speed.

How to Level Up Your Kicking Speed with the Plantation Swim Team. 

Good coaches know that you can’t train all swimmers in the same manner. You need to individualize training according to specialty and strength. Jimmy Parmenter, head coach of the Plantation Swim Team, shares a flexible kick set you can use with every swimmer in the group.

How to Supercharge Your Kick with Randy Reese. 

One of the most legendary coaches on the planet stops by with a set for how to improve your kick. Here is ISHOF inductee Randy Reese with some advice on powering up your kicking speed.

Race Tempo Dolphin Kicking: How to Train for a Faster Underwater.

Having solid underwaters means being able to kick hard and fast. Here is a tempo-based vertical kicking set that will help you tighten up your underwater skills.

Kick Big: Coach and Olympic Gold Medalist Martin Zubero’s Set for a Booming Kick

Former Olympian Martin Zubero stops by with a focused high-intensity kick set that you can use to help condition your legs to dominate your 100 events.

The Seminole Aquatics Kick Set: Race Hard, Kick Faster

When it comes to kicking faster, longer isn’t always better. Tony Ackerson of Seminole Aquatics shares a great kick set to stoke the competitive fires of your swimmers and also get them kicking faster.

Want to Kick Faster? Try This Set from Southwest STARS.

There is no worse feeling than our legs failing us at the end of a race. Today’s set will help your body train and power through that moment where your legs want to collapse.

How to Build a More Powerful Kick with NTC Aquatics. Kick sets don’t need to be long, boring reps of being mounted to a kickboard. Don Gibb of NTC Aquatics shares a tough set that will push and power your legs to a faster kick.

I Did This Boring Kick Set Every Day for Two Weeks and Dropped 3 Seconds on My 100 Kick PB. Building a faster kick isn’t always sexy, as this boring but powerful set shows.

A Vertical Kick Set That Will Leave Your Legs Shaking. 

Low on pool space, but still, need to get some quality yardage in? Here’s a 60-minute long vertical kicking workout to power up your kick.

Work Those Underwaters: The Fairfield YMCA Kick Set. 

Want to level up your kick? Here is a challenging set that will push you towards a better freestyle and underwater dolphin kick. Let’s do this.