NOW HIRING: Hatfield Sharks Head Coach Opening

Erica Leary


The season is ON!

...and we are in search mode. We are looking for the next head coach of the Hatfield Sharks.

The traditional job description is copied below if you are interested (and don't understand the basics, but then you probably wouldn't be reading this anyway) so, here's the real scoop.

We are rebuilding the Sharks. We've lost some families, some of the kids aged out and we didn't have the younger swimmers to replace them.

The previous coaches were pretty awesome, but they left us. They didn't believe that our swimmers could "do it".

Ok, the last line about the coaches isn't true but they did move on, mostly to become doctors and pursue "real" careers...

So here we are, ready to rebuild the program for the next generation of Hatfield Shark Swimmers.

Who are we looking for?

A head coach that understands how to be a mentor to 100 over-excited little kids that want to be the best swimmers in the world. A coach that understands how to motivate children to believe that being the best version of themselves doesn't mean being the first to touch the wall, rather understand that discipline, hard work, and training will allow them to be proud of what they've accomplished.

We are competitive, no doubt about it, but we want a head coach that is here to build a program that families are proud of and a program that the children take pride in being part of.

Transparency is king around here, so what we said above is true. What is said below is standard (because our lawyers make us say it).

If you are the person that we've described above and you aren't offended by how we wrote it, then you should probably have a conversation with us.

You can email Ryan directly by clicking here.



Here's the standard job description (in case you forgot what a Head Coach does)

General Summary:

The Head Coach is responsible for leading and coaching swimmers (K-12) in a competitive summer swim program at Hatfield Aquatic Center. 

The Head Coach is responsible for facilitating a safe, fun, and inviting learning environment for the swimmers. This role requires a strong leader who has excellent communication skills to delegate responsibilities, as well as direct and provide feedback to coaching staff, swimmers and, parents.

The ideal coach will build strong relationships with participants and continually challenge them to the next level.



  1. Oversee and manage the Hatfield Sharks swimming and diving team.
  2. Assist in recruiting assistant coaching staff. 
  3. Provide leadership and supervision for the coaching staff. 
  4. Establish leadership presence with both the swimmers and parents. Be approachable and available.
  5. Create and facilitate an educational, safe, fun, and inviting experience for all team members.
  6. Develop practice workouts and actively engage in practices with swimmers providing encouragement, motivation, and stroke and turn instruction. 
  7. Share practice plans with assistant coaches and board members. 
  8. Provide an early-season evaluation (week 3) of the overall swim team to identify any potential areas for improvement.
  9. Coach swim practices, with Assistant Coaches, to ensure there are components of learning as well as fun.
  10. Develop technical skills of swimmers, including starts and turns. Some team members have never learned these skills. 
  11. Be willing to get in the water to help beginning swimmers and perfect more advanced swimmers’ techniques.
  12. Implement a plan to assess which kids need stroke help and carry out ongoing DQ minimizing strategies. Review DQ reasons with swimmers. 
  13. Create all meet lineups and enter in Meet Manager.
  14. Attend all meets (regular season and championships) and ensures coach coverage at invitational meets. 
  15. Provide feedback to swimmers after their races during meets.
  16. Communicates effectively with swim team parents, parent board
  17. Attends Bux-Mont League board and coaches meetings. 
  18. Foster an atmosphere that encourages good sportsmanship and team spirit.
  19. Attend Splash Party to present team awards.
  20. Attend parent board meetings if schedule permits.