Swim For The Girls Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser: July 12,2022

Erica Leary

It's on! July 12th, 2022 - The Hatfield Sharks will take on the Souderton Dolphins for this year's annual Swim for The Girls Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser.

Swim for the Girls is a fundraiser event where boys wear a girl's bathing suit during the breaststroke race. Run annually since 2013, S4TG has raised over $16,000 for families affected by breast cancer.

Started in 2013, Swim for the Girls is an annual fundraiser to support families affected by breast cancer. Conceived from a dare following a swim meet, the original event was organized by Will Neverosky, Luke Engel, Luke Neverosky, Lance Engel, Cortney Neverosky, and Bryce Engel.

The event involves girls lending their suits to boys to wear over their own suits during the breaststroke races of the meet. Some boys even allow the girls to choose their full outfits including caps and goggles.

All participants (both genders) are asked to raise money through pledges. Divers can participate as well by wearing a girl's suit during the diving event.

At the event, there is typically a donation table that collects donations from participants, accepts donations from spectators and helps to coordinate the exchange of suits between the boys and girls. Spare suits can typically also be found at this table for any late entries or boys who were not paired up ahead of time.

All proceeds from the event each year are donated to The Breathing Room, located in Jenkintown, PA. The Breathing Room Foundation's mission is to 'strive to provide a family with whatever it is that will allow them a bit of “breathing room” from their daily struggle against cancer.'

For more information about the Breathing Room, visit their site:www.breathingroomfoundation.org.




What is Swim for the Girls


Swim for the Girls is a fundraiser for families affected by breast cancer.  The event takes place annually during the summer swim season.  Starting in 2013, the event was typically run between Nor Gwyn and one of its opponents during the season.  Starting in 2019, the event went league-wide with each team participating on the same night.  The whole point of the event is to have fun and raise funds for the Breathing Room.  We have been so excited every year to watch the event continue to grow and be a fun thing for kids of all ages. 


As of today, Swim for the Girls has raised more than $16,000 for the Breathing Room.


Who/what does it benefit


The money raised is donated to The Breathing Room, a charity based in Jenkintown, PA.  The Breathing room supports families affected by cancer.  


The Breathing Room accepts cash, checks (made out to the Breathing Room), or online donations on our website: www.swimforthegirls.com.


How can you participate


The original event centered around boys wearing girls' bathing suits during the breaststroke races of a meet. 


Girls donated suits and helped dress up the boys, including doing their nails, writing on them, and tattooing them with messages of support.  Over the years, teams have designated this meet as a “pink-out” to help raise awareness. As always, boys do not have to wear a girl's suit to participate. Through the years, we have seen: pink caps, pink jammers, and briefs, one-pieces, bikini tops, names of those who have battled or are battling breast cancer written across swimmers’ backs, painted nails, pink hats, pink shirts, and pink hair. 


New in 2022, another way to participate and show support would be to purchase a pink Swim for the Girls' racing cap that can be worn during the races.  All that said, simply entering the breaststroke race is participating.  Across the league, coaches have agreed to multiple breaststroke heats at this meet with only the official swimmers in the first heat counting towards a swimmers’ events for the meet.




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