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BuxMont Ruling on Spectators & Max Capacity

Spectators: No spectators will be permitted at any Bux-Mont League competitions in the summer of 2021. The Bux-Mont League will investigate options for live...

By Hatfield Sharks

NOW HIRING: Hatfield Sharks Head Coach Opening

The season is ON! ...and we are in search mode. We are looking for the next head coach of the Hatfield Sharks. The traditional...

By Hatfield Sharks

Hatfield Sharks Head Coach: Dive

Yep. We are in need of a high-flying, triple reverse, inward 180 3C head coach for the Hatfield Sharks Dive Team. Ok, that is...

By Hatfield Sharks

BuxMont Swim League Covid Update

Guidance has been provided by the BuxMont Swim League To the swimmers, divers, and families of the BuxMont Swim League Like each of you,...

By Hatfield Sharks

Lions Den Elite Training Sponsors Hatfield Sharks Strength & Conditioning for 2020 Swim and Dive Season

Strength and Conditioning Creates Better Swimmers and Divers The Lions Den Elite Training based in Colmar PA is the official strength and conditioning sponsor...

By Hatfield Sharks