Hatfield Sharks 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities


Another summer means another great opportunity to make an impact in the lives of your local community sports teams. We understand that many other teams are asking you to consider "sponsorship" opportunities.


And that's ok. 


They're probably pretty cool too. 


But, we don't think they are as cool as we are. (jk)


Check this out. 


Our Swim and Dive team have been a staple in the Hatfield community for as long as many of you reading this have been alive.


That's longevity. And with longevity comes influence. 




Yep. Not like the Kardashians, but pretty close.



Here's why you should consider Hatfield:

Our parents spend money. And they spend it in your local area. Ok, that's funny, but it's true. More than that, the average swim and dive parent spends roughly 15 hours a WEEK at swim and dive meets and driving us to practice.

This means that they are dedicated and they are not afraid to support those that support their kids.



Ok, so here are the numbers that you want to know about:

The Hatfield Sharks have more than 100 active team members (115 to be exact).  That's about 300 family members twice a week seeing your message of support to our swimmers and divers.


But wait, there's more.


The BuxMont Summer League (that's who we swim for) has more than 1,500 members and at our best guesstimate that's about 4,000 family members


But wait, there's more.


We have 4 home meets this year.


What does this mean?


Great question. That means that 4 times, over 4 weeks, your message, your banner, your offer, and your brand will be seen by more than 500 people in the flesh at the Hatfield Aquatic Center.


BTW, have you seen our pool? The slides are amazing.



Why do we need your help?


Your sponsorship will help us to build our team and provide our coaches with the resources necessary to deliver quality instruction to our athletes. We've helped to grow many fine athletes, many of whom are actively swimming in top-level collegiate programs and the North Penn Knights.



Here are the sponsorship options for 2021

Contact Erica at [email protected].


Tier I $200

  • Frontpage (and all pages) logo on the Hatfield Sharks Team website with hyperlink
  • Messaging and link in the weekly team newsletters and team communications
  • 1 Stock stationery item to distribute to each team member (sponsor provided)

Tier II (Everything listed in Tier I PLUS...) $250

  • Logo on a large banner at all home meets at the Hatfield Aquatic Center 
  • Logo on the back of a t-shirt for each team member


To become a sponsor please email

 [email protected]