Report REGULAR SEASON practice absences OF TWO OR MORE DAYS using the link below for our absences reporting Google form.

(You DO NOT need to report PRE-SEASON practice absences) 


Please use the above Google form instead of sending an email to [email protected]



If your swimmer is going to miss a meet please DECLINE swimmer's attendance by midnight Tuesday before the meet through the meet event

Anytime after Tuesday, if your swimmer was originally committed to attend the meet and your plans change or your swimmer becomes ill please email

[email protected] AND [email protected]

ASAP to let us know your swimmer will not be attending the meet. 

Please include the swimmer's age group (Silver, 9-10, 11-12 or 13-18) AND swimmer's name in the subject line.  (All coaches receive these emails so this helps them identify their own swimmers.)

Please note that if you receive a meet program & warm-up information Friday evening your swimmer HAS BEEN ENTERED in the meet.  We would appreciate you letting us know ASAP if they will not be there.