General Meet Information


Dual Meets

1. Always check the website for team information. Swimmers should always double check with their coaches to confirm their attendance at the upcoming meet.

2. Swimmers uncertain of which events to swim should consult with the coaches.  Please sign up for meet attendance on the website.

3. At meets, athletes need to bring: team suit, goggles (an extra pair is recommended), swim cap (an extra cap is recommended), team T-Shirt, sweats (it gets cold), blankets, pillows, sunscreen and water.

4. On Friday prior to dual meets, entries are posted on the website. At meets, each swimmer’s entries are posted, varies according to pool. It is a good idea to write your swimmer’s events on their hand to help them keep track of when they need to report to the “pink and blue table”, where swimmers pick up a pink or blue card prior to each event they swim. and are then to report immediately to the heating area. Each relay only has one card to be picked up by the leadoff swimmer, once all 4 members of the relay have reported. Athletes will be given cards one at a time prior to each race.

5. Swimmers are chosen for events generally based on their best times with the final decision being left up to the coaches. Questions regarding events in which athletes are swimming should be directed to the Head Coach. Swimmers are encouraged to attempt as many swims as possible throughout a given swim season.

6. Swimmers are placed in heats according to times so they are swimming with others close to their speed.

7. Depending on the pool and the opponent, the number of heats in an event may be limited. By Boulder Valley Summer Swim League rules, only the sprint freestyle events (event #’s 21 – 30) are guaranteed unlimited heats.

8. Boulder Valley Summer Swim League limits each swimmer to participating in three individual events and two relay events per meet. Only scores from individual events are considered for the “High Point” tally at Finals.

9. In general, the fastest four swimmers make up the ‘A’ relay each week. Places on the relays may change from week to week, based on competition and practice times. The final decision as to who swims lies with the coaches. Coaches will always try to swim every swimmer in at least one relay when possible.

10. Warm-ups are important in preparation for races at the meet.  Any swimmer entered in the Medley Relay will be scratched if not at warm-ups for their age group.  The coaches may also replace swimmers in early individual events if a swimmer is not at warm-ups.  Meet warm-up times are as follows:

• 9-10  6:45 – 7:00 AM

• 11-12  7:00 – 7:15 AM

​ 8&Under  7:15 - 7:30 AM

13-18  7:30 - 7:45 AM

11. Meets generally begin promptly at either 7:30 or 8:00AM. Meets usually last from 6 – 6.5 hours depending on the number of athletes swimming.

12. Parents and swimmers need to listen carefully to the order of events during a meet. All athletes are expected to report directly to the Pink & Blue Table a few events prior to theirs (i.e. 8 & Under 25 Freestyle  swimmers are to report at the start of the 11-12 200 freestyle  ). Swimmers are to go directly to the heating area after pick up their card. Please help ensure athletes report promptly to heating.

13. Please be sure to stay out of the sun as much as possible at meets and wear sunscreen. Stay under the cool Dolphins tent for optimal racing.

14. The Monday after each meet, all swimmers’ times will be posted on the website.  Individual times will also be available on the website.

15. Swimmers need to declare whether or not they will be at the meet and request events for the meet prior to Tuesday evening of the week of the meet.  Coaches will put lineups together on Wednesday.  They may not be able to get swimmers in all the events they request but will try to get them in at least one requested event.  Please plan your schedule ahead and give the coaches as much notice as possible on which meets athletes will be missing.


What To Do at a Meet

1)      Arrive promptly for warm-up

2)     Check heat sheet for your swimmers race – for home meets it is located on the fence outside of the pool, for away meets it is located near heating area.

3)     Check heating area to determine what race number is heating. 

4)     Obtain pink/blue cards from pink/blue table two races prior to when race is called to heating area (if pink and blue cards are being used).           

5)     When race number is called to heating area, proceed to heating area with pink/blue card.

6)     When approaching blocks, give pink/blue card to timer.

7)    Swim FAST!