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Swim Team Volunteers

The following are descriptions of most of the volunteer jobs available on the swim team. We cannot run a meet without the help of many, many volunteers. There are many jobs which do not require any previous experience or knowledge - anyone can do them. Each swim family is required to work a total of 20 job points during the regular season, plus 1 shift at Prelims/Finals.  (Note: Pre-Team (Blue/Bronze) only swim families are not required to volunteer at our dual meets)  Please sign up to volunteer at separate dual meets.  All jobs are 10 points unless noted otherwise below.

*  Each meet is divided into 2 halves.  Most jobs are divided into a first half and a second half shift.  These jobs are timers, runners, scoring, heating and officials.  These jobs will switch at Event number 45 (11-12 backstroke) rather than at a time.  All other jobs are at the times listed.  When swimming against larger teams we will start the meet at 7:30 a.m.  Smaller teams will start at 8 a.m.


Timers are responsible for recording an accurate time for each swimmer in their lane.  An electronic timing system is used along with backup manual watches.  Times are noted on timer sheets. There are 2 timers in each lane. 


Runners are responsible for collecting the timer sheets from the timers and DQ sheets from the stroke judges after each event, putting the sheets in order and taking them to the scoring table.


This is the swimmer's staging area.  You will line the swimmers up on the correct bench with the correct lane assignment and move them forward as their turn to swim approaches.

SCORING - Timing Console *

This position monitors the SST electronic timing system results for each heat on a timing console, troubleshoots any timing discrepancies, and communicates with Meet Officials as needed.

SCORING - Data Entry *

For most events, data is electronically input into the scoring software.  This position reviews the data, scores each event, prints results, and prints ribbon labels.

SCORING - Ribbons *

Ribbon labels are printed for swimmers that place 1st to 6th in each event.  This position puts labels on the ribbons and keeps ribbons and timer sheets organized for each team.

TIMER SHEETS - Distribute *

Responsible for handing out the timer sheets to the timers before each event.


Assemble and orgainize timer sheets before the meet starts.

OFFICIALS - Stroke Judge *

(Technical Swimming Experience Required) Stroke Judges ensure that all swimmers' strokes are legal.  Any stroke infractions cause swimmers to be disqualified.  DQ reasons are noted on Officials' Cards.

OFFICIALS - Starter *

(Experience Required) Starters are responsible for starting each race with an electronic starter.  Due to the number of swimmers, it is important to keep the meet moving at an efficient pace.

OFFICIALS - Place Picker *

(NO Technical Swimming Experience required)  Place Pickers are responsible for watching each race and noting the order of finishes.  For timing discrepancies, the place pick will be the determining factor. 


Set up concessions and grill tents, tables and coolers, put out all of the food/drink/merchandise items and help with cashiering.


Tear down the concessions & grill tents, tables and coolers and carry remaining concessions items back to the storage area.


Sell and restock  food, merchandise and drinks.  Provide Otter Pops to the heat winners.​

GRILL - Cashier

Take grill orders and handle all payment transactions.

GRILL - Cook

Help with the preparation and cooking of our grill menu items.

MEET SET-UP - Saturday AM

Setup tents for the team, heating, scoring and coaches areas.  Place benches in heating area and chairs for scoring and coaches.  Involves some heavy lifting.


Take down all tents and put everything back in its proper place.  Pick up trash around pool and park.  Involves some heavy lifting.


Pick-up 3-4 Team tents from Memory Square and transport them to meet and Set-Up by 6:30 AM.  Involves heavy lifting and requires a truck or large SUV.  This job is good for a 9-10 parent as they have the earliest warm-up time.​


Responsible for taking down the 3-4 Team tents and transporting them back to Memory Square.  Involves heavy lifting and requires a truck or large SUV. 


Capture "Kodak" moments. Responsible for taking photos at the meets to capture the event.  After the meet you will be responsible for transferring the photos to the photo coordinator for posting on the website for all families to have access.   It is important that you have your own camera equipment (preferably a DSLR camera) and that you are engaged in the meet, taking photos of all different age groups throughout the meet. This will include photos of swimming, tent time, staging and any other fun photos that can be captured.


Hand out Friday Donuts, Assist with swimmer's folder contents (file ribbons and speeding tickets and distribute folder contents to swimmers), Coordinate age group activity and awards ceremony.


Remember, if you are unable to work your shift, YOU are responsible for finding a replacement to work for you and notifying the Volunteer Coordinator of this change!


As soon as you arrive at each meet, check in with the volunteer coordinator. Make sure you get credit for working your shift and meeting your volunteer obligation.