The 2 pools were built back in 1965 by some residents from the neighborhood; the pools looked exactly as they look today! In 1976, the club opened its membership to the public, and the members renamed it Heritage Hills Recreation Club Incorporated.  Ever since, HHRC has been a family-oriented club, and the community feel with the surrounding pine trees gives the club that friendly and relaxing vibe. Since the club has been around for so long, HHRC is one of the only area pools that is allowed to still have a high-diving board.  Over time, the club continued to expand. Tennis courts, a playground and basketball hoops were added, but a truly unique staple to the club has always been our snack bar, Mr. Cool’s.  Mr. Cool’s was built back in the 1970s. At that time, it only sold snacks, drinks and ice cream, but since then, the menu and the quality have improved drastically. Now it is one of the many features that sets our club apart.  


Another long term tradition is our H3AC Hurricanes swim team. Over the years, our club may not be the fastest or the strongest, but we always punch above our weight and we always have fun! Recently, our team has combined forces with Westfall Pool and Homestead Aquatic Center. During the 2020 offseason, HHRC partnered with a local swim team (NCAC) to install a heating system for our main pool.  This makes HHRC one of the very few local clubs that has a heated outdoor pool.  This also makes the first swim in May, and the last swim in September, much more comfortable.  


Recently, HHRC is proud to have gained status as a 501c3 charity. Among its other advantages, this status allows tax-deductable gifts to be made to the club. HHRC enjoys giving back to the community and supports other organizations; such as Touch-a-Truck, Orange County Rape Crisis Center, plus several local schools. At the end of some summers, we invite the public and their dogs to swim in order to raise money for the Orange County Animal Services. We will continue to support the community in the future!


Please reach out at any time and schedule a tour of our facilities.