H3AC Hurricanes Swim Team

Greetings Heritage Hills Swimming Families!


We know many of you have questions about if/how/when Heritage Hills will offer a swim team this year. We’ve been thinking about this as well, and we have some updates and plans to share with you.


The first important piece of news to share is that the Chapel Hill Summer Swim League is not planning to have a traditional “Champs” at Koury Natatorium this year, nor are we planning to host the large dual meets at pools around town that we’ve hosted in years past. More details will be forthcoming as we complete our planning, but for now please know that there will be opportunities for your athletes to train, race, and have fun, but they will look different and less crowded than in a typical year.


Coach Julie and the board have been working together and we are happy to announce swim team signups are ready for Heritage Hills! Again, things will look different and start later this year, so please read this entire email before registering.


TRYOUT CLINICS: This year we will not have “junior coaches” in the water with swimmers. For this reason, we will run a series of tryout clinics for swimmers to ensure that each registered swimmer in every age group can complete a full 25 meters without stopping. This is for the safety of the swimmers and the coaches. We are very sensitive to the feelings of our swimmers and recognize that our athletes have not had as much opportunity to practice swimming recently. Please know that if your child is not invited to swim with the swim team, we will be offering swimming lessons and stroke clinics as an alternative. No child will be made to feel embarrassed in any way. Feel free to represent the tryout clinic itself as a “clinic” to your swimmer to help reduce performance anxiety! You will need to sign up for the tryout clinics. Please go to the link below to sign your swimmer up for an appropriate session. There is no charge for tryout clinics, but swimmers need to be signed up! 

Tryout link:https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904054fa4a62ca1f85-hhrc


SWIM TEAM: In past years swimmers have registered for the swim team and then attended whichever practice sessions they wanted to. You may have noticed the lanes were very crowded! Due to physical distancing and pool capacity requirements, swimmers will need to sign up for specific practice groups this year and will have the opportunity to swim with their group for 45 minutes twice per week during the period from June 14 - July 29. We will not be able to offer makeup practices due to inclement weather. Please note that we will not be able to accommodate parents on the pool deck during practices unless the family is also signed up for a member swimming session at that time. The following practice group times will be available. Groups will be limited to 12 swimmers per group. Swimmers must be able to complete 25 meters independently as demonstrated during tryout clinics. Please only sign up for one group only per swimmer. The fee for the swim team will be $85 for Heritage Hills members and will include a t-shirt.


8&U Group 1    M/W 4:00-4:30

8&U Group 2    T/Th 5:45-6:15

9-10 Group 1    T/Th 4:00-4:45

9-10 Group 2    M/W 5:30-6:15

11-12 Group 1    M/W 4:30-5:15

11-12 Group 2    T/Th 6:15-7:00

13+ Group 1    T/Th 4:45-5:30

13+ Group 2    M/W 6:15-7:00


Practice group sign-up link:https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904054fa4a62ca1f85-hhrc1


MEETS: There will be opportunities for swimmers to have times to track their progress over the course of the summer. We will have more information forthcoming regarding opportunities for our athletes to race. Please stay tuned!


Rest assured, swimmers will be having the opportunity to safely learn their strokes, make new friends, socialize with old friends, and move their bodies! We look forward to a low key summer of swimming, fun, and ribbons! If you have questions, please contact Kelly Alexander at ke[email protected].




2021 Meet Schedule (Coming Soon) 

2021 Practice Schedule (Subject to change)


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