While logged in,please select "Attend/Decline" to indicate if your swimmer will be in attendance at each meet. Then, please volunteer at least one adult to help at each meet your swimmer attends. If you need to edit your swimmer's committment, please log in and select "edit committment." If past the deadline, please email the coaches. Please note that coaches will select what events swimmers swim!

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June 8 Mock Meet @ Heritage Hills

June 15 Dual Meet HSP vs H3AC @ Heritage Hills 

June 18 Dual Meet FARM-Y vs H3AC @ FARM

June 29 Dual Meet HRST vs H3AC @ Hollow Rock Pool 

July 9 Dual Meet SVCG vs H3AC @ Heritage Hills

July 13 Dual Meet TEST vs H3AC @ Tennis Club

July 16 MAKE-UP Dual Meet TEST vs. H3AC @ The Exchange 

Champs @ FARM (July 22-24)

  • Friday, July 22: 11 and up age groups
  • Saturday, July 23:  8 and under age groups
  • Sunday, July 24: 9-10 swimmers
  • 7am warm-up and 8am start time for all sessions