621 Yorktown Drive

Chapel Hill NC 27516


Speed Limit

The neighborhood speed limit is 25 mph.  We recommend you go MUCH SLOWER than that.  Kids ride their bikes all over the neighborhood, turns have limited visibility, and there are no sidewalks.  

Swimmer Drop-Off

The main parking lot on Yorktown Dr. fills up early. However, you can still drop your swimmer off at this main entrance. A volunteer will be directing traffic: you will be directed to make a counter-clockwise circle in the driveway outside the parking lot gate. Stop at the top of the “clock” to let out your swimmer, then continue circling and exit out of the driveway to park in the next lot (other side of the pool) or along appropriate curbs (DO NOT PARK ACROSS FROM THE MAIN POOL ENTRANCE). .

Parking Reminder

Parking is ONLY allowed in the pool lot, in the overflow/tennis lot (behind the pool, or on some of the neighborhood streets. Please obey the NO PARKING signs and ONLY park on the pool side of the street (but DO NOT block the entrance). DO NOT PARK ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE POOL ENTRANCE.  Please do not park two cars-wide on neighborhood streets, as this causes visibility and safety concerns.

Location of Visiting Team

The visiting team will be based in the kiddie pool area.  Kids are NOT ALLOWED to swim in the kiddie pool during swim meets.  

Snack Bar

There will be a snack bar menu available during the swim meet if you want to send cash/credit with your swimmers.  Please send water and snacks if you don’t want to be waiting in lines. Volunteers will be provided with cold waters throughout the meet.  

Volunteer Cool-Off

If the temperature is crazy hot, our parent rep and starter will find good breaking times in the meet when volunteers will be told that they can have a 2-min break to jump in and cool off. If you think you might want to do this, please wear appropriate clothing.  

Inclement Weather

We follow the CHSSL rules regarding inclement weather. Pool closures are determined by HH staff. If the meet is canceled, it is up to the parent reps from both teams to reschedule the meet.