We are accepting staff applications for the following Heritage Hills Recreation Club positions for the 2021 season! Please indicate the position(s) on the application form. This process will continue until positions have been filled.  


​The HHRC pool tentatively plans to opens Saturday, May 8th. Orientation will be within the two weeks prior to the pool opening.  


For: Lifeguards, Snack Bar Attendants*, Groundskeeper, & Swim Team Coaches apply using the link below.

For: Handy-person (limited hours) email Drew directly at [email protected]


Supervised by:  Club/Business Manager, Pool Manager/Head Coach, Assistant Club Manager, Assistant Head Coach.


This PDF application is a fillable form. To submit an application please follow these steps:

1.     Download the application form found here

       2.     Fill in the form and sign it (this can all be done on your computer)

       3.     Important: Save the file with a name unique to you (like first initial.full last name) after all information is completed. 

                     The form comes to us blank if you don't save it to your computer before attaching to an email.                                              

4.     Send it to Drew at [email protected].


*Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there will only be a few snack bar attendants that will be hired in the beginning of this season.  Circumstances may change throughout the summer, and the snack bar may need more employees; so all applications will be held on file. Select applicants will be contacted for an interview.  If you have any questions about our job openings, please email Drew at [email protected]  Thank you for applying!