How does my child join the sharks?  

Please register your child on our website first.  If your child is new to the team, or was a junior shark the previous summer, please come to swim team evaluations- date to be communicated. Our coaches will be on deck to administer the tests and will follow up with you via email after the test with results.  


What do I pack for my swimmer for a meet?

Meets can me long, hot and WET! You should plan to bring: 2 towels, 2 pair of goggles, swim cap, water bottle, light snacks, sunscreen, SHARK bathing suit and your SHARK t-shirt.  Parents, please label all your child's belongings!   Cash may be needed for away meets for the snack bar.

What should my swimmer bring to practice?

Swimmers should come to practice with a bathing suit, goggles, a water bottle and towels.

How will I find out information about the Sharks?

We utilize email as our main form of communication. We aim to send a weekly email on Sunday with upcoming events and announcements. We also communicate practice updates and cancelations via email.

How many times am I required to volunteer?  

The meets can not run without our AMAZING volunteers! We need people to time, move swimmers, pass out waters, etc etc! If your child is swimming, the expectation is that you are voluntering in some capacity.  Please sign up for a job at the same time you declare your swimmer for a meet.  There is no job on deck that will prevent you from watching your child swim.  In fact, often times you will have a BETTER view of the races by volunteering on deck.  If your child is not swimming in ANY meets or you have some extenuating circumstances that prevent you from attending swim meets, we have alternative ways for your to fulfill your volunteer commitments. Please see the "Volunteer" tab on the Main Menu or meet with a Parent Rep for details on the different ways you can help our team.  Grandparents, babysitters and aunts have all helped out in the past! It takes a village!


What are the different volunteer "jobs?"

There are so many fun jobs that keep you on the deck, watching the meet!

*Timers: we need 8 iOs timers and 8 stop watch timers for each meet! You need to bring a device and have software updated to latest operating system.


How do I declare my swimmer for a swim meet?

On the Home page of our website you will see a list of the scheduled swim meets. Next to the meet name and date you will see a "Sign Up" button. Click on that button and follow the instructions on committing or declining your swimmer. It's very helpful for the coaches and parent reps to know who is swimming several days ahead of the swim meet, so each sign-up has a deadline. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to prepare our team for a swim meet - this is one way you can help your coaches and parent reps stay organized and be ready for each competition!


What do I do if I forgot to declare my swimmer/ or need to pull my swimmer from a meet?

Late entries are usually allowed; just notify your age group coach as soon as you know your swimmer is able to attend the meet. If your swimmer cannot attend a meet at the last minute, please email a parent rep so we can alert the chaperone in charge of your swimmer's age group.   

When and where does my swimmer get his/her ribbons?

Usually the meet results are complete the morning following a swim meet and the ribbons are available at practice. The ribbons are assembled with labels and placed in your family's file folder by swimmer's last name. These files are located in a large plastic file box which is often seen out at practices. Your child can check their folder anytime for ribbons or other important season information.