When does the swim team season begin?

The swim season will begin on June 14.  Evaluations may be held ahead of the season start date (date and time TBD).


When does the swim season end?

The final meet of the season is the Championship meet (known as “Champs”) which is held the weekend of July 23-25.  At this meet all eight Chapel Hill swim clubs compete for the summer swim title.  This summer, Champs will be broken down int to several age group meets held at various outdoor host pools in the league.

How much does swim team cost?


Does my child need special gear?

No specific gear is required for swim team participation. Some swimmers choose to wear goggles and swim caps.  SVGC swim caps will be available for sale at the SV pool.  Swimmers are welcome to purchase goggles and other caps on their own and are available in the Pro Shop at SV.  Swim caps with the logo of other swim organizations (e.g., NCAC, YOTA, high school teams) cannot be worn during regular season dual meets.

How often should my child attend practice?

Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as their interest and schedule permits.  

Does my child have to participate in meets?

All Stingrays are encouraged to participate in the regular season dual meets and highly encouraged to participate in the Championship meet at the end of the season.

When and where are the meets?

This summer (2021) there will be 3 "virtual" dual meets against other teams in the CHSSL league. SVGC swimmers will swim at SV Club and our opposing team will swim at their own pool. Times will be merged virtually to determine winners. The season will culimante with the Champs meet (July 23-25).  

What level of swimmer is permitted on the team?

To be a member of the Stingray team a swimmer must be able to independently swim the length of the pool (25 yards) using any stroke.  


How much does Stingray Academy cost?  

Due to COVID conerns, there will not be a Stingray Academy for the 2021 season.

Are there additional time requirements other than practices and meets?

For swimmers, the only requirements are to attend practices and meets.  Additionally, there may be social events offered during the season for swimmers to build camaraderie and team spirit.

What about inclement weather?

Pools may be closed at the discretion of the lifeguards if bad weather is in the area.  If there is light rain but no thunder or lightning, practice and meets will likely still be held.  The coaches will send an email to the team cancelling practice should the pool be closed.  You can also sign up to receive text messages by registering your cell phone number and carrier on your TeamUnify Account. You can do this by logging into TeamUnify and clicking "My Account" on the navigation sidebar.  In the event that a meet must be cancelled, we will notify you of the make-up date as soon as possible.