***2021 Unfortunately, there will not be Stingray Academy this summer***



***New this year, please read below***

The Stingray Academy teaches novice swimmers the essential skills they will need to successfully join the swim team.  Swimmers joining the Academy are expected to be able to swim half the length of the pool, put their face in the water and practice rhythmic breathing (taking a breath regularly) and have a semblance of an out-of-water stroke.

The Stingray Academy will run from May 18th until June 18th (five weeks).  At any time a swimmer demonstrates the ability to meet the requirements to be on the swim team, Academy swimmers will "graduate" and join the swim team.  If swimmers are unable to meet swim team requirements by the end of Academy, they are still eligible to join the team at any time until the end of the season upon meeting requirements.     

Stingray Academy evaluations will be held on May 13th and May 14th, and we will contact you with a date and time.  During evaluations, families will be provided feedback as to whether or not their child is ready for Stingray Academy.  If not, parents will be provided with information regarding private lesson opportunities.  Registration for Stingray Academy is available through this website.  When registering your child, be sure to select Academy instead of Swim Team.  

Academy Schedule:  

May 15 - June 18   4:30pm Monday through Thursday  (new 45 minute sessions!)