Frequently Asked Questions


What is the practice schedule?
We practice at the Jess Odom Community Center in Maumelle. Our team has access to the pool when it is closed to the public. Generally, there is an early morning practice availiable Tuesday-Friday. Evening practices vary depending on day of the week. Generally, Mondays are earlier while Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are later. There is no evening practice on Friday. Please see the practice schedule tab for more information.

When does practice start?
Practice usually starts the week before Memorial Day. However this is dependent on weather conditions and the pool being filled and warm enough for swimmers to be in the water. Watch the practice schedule page of the website as well as the team Facebook page for updates.

What do we bring to practice?
Swimmers will need a towel, goggles and swim suit. Water bottles are allowed and encouraged to keep swimmers hydrated. All other workout equipment is provided.

Is practice required?
We do not take attendance at practice and there are no required number of practices that swimmers should attend. However, we encourage our swimmers to take advantage of all practices that they are able to attend. The more time in the water, the more progress they will make. Swimmers may attend as many practices as they wish, morning or evening.

I have multiple children. Can they practice at the same time?
Practice times and groups are based on skill level. If your children are not in the same skill level group, they may not practice at the same time. This is for the benefit and safety of your swimmer as well as the other swimmers in the pool with them.

Can I talk to the coach(es) during practice?
You are welcome to talk to the coaches before and after practice, or by text or email at your convenience. If you have an issue during practice, please find a parent rep. They may be able to answer your question, or they will bring it to the coach during practice. Parents are not allowed on the pool peninsula or at the the deep end of the pool during practice.

Swim Meets

Where can I find the meet schedule?
The meet schedule is posted under the “Meets and Events” tab on the home page.  

Are swim meets required?
Meet attendance is not required, but swimmers are strongly encouraged to participate in both home and away meets to get the full swim team experience. 

Will the coach tell us what we should swim?
Parents are responsible for registering (called ‘declaring’) their swimmer for the swim meet and selecting the events they want to swim. The head coach will review and possibly modify the events chosen as they believe it might benefit a swimmer to complete in a particular event. If you aren’t sure, you should certainly talk with the coach and get their input!

What is the 25-yard medley?
The kickboard event is called the ’25-yard medley’ at swim meets and in the registration system. This event is only for 6 and under swimmers.

How do I register for a swim meet?
You will receive a notification when registration is open for an upcoming meet. Here are easy instructions to follow:

What about relays?
The head coach will assign relay teams in each age group. Not every swimmer will swim a relay at every swim meet. In order to swim on a relay team, the swimmer MUST attend warm-up prior to the meet start. If a swimmer is not present at warm-up, they will be replaced with an alternate relay swimmer. If you know that your swimmer will not be at warm-up or they do not wish to be on a relay team, please include that information in the ‘notes’ portion of the registration.  Again, instructions for meet registration can be found here:

Volunteering - IMPORTANT!!!

Is parent volunteering required?
Yes! When you register your swimmer, you accept the parent policy that states volunteering is required. It takes 50-60 volunteers to run a swim meet. If we don’t have volunteers in place, the meet will stop until those spots are filled.

What job can I do?
Even if you are brand new to the swim team, the volunteer jobs are all easy to learn. Talk to a parent rep, and they will help match you with a job!

Can I still watch my swimmer if I’m volunteering?
Absolutely! All of the volunteers are parents just like you, who are there to watch their swimmer compete.

How do I sign up to volunteer?
The volunteer sign-up will open at the beginning of the week prior to a swim meet. Several reminders will go out. Here are instructions on how to sign up to volunteer:

Team Swim Suits

Is a team suit required?
A team suit is not required, but the swimmers really like them and it fosters comradery among the team.  If you choose not to buy a team suit, swimmers can wear any suit that has black or yellow to match the Marlins’ team colors. It’s important to be properly fit for a suit before purchasing. If you are new to swimming or are unsure about the right size suit for your swimmer, we encourage you to support our local swim store, Splashwear Aquatics, to be properly fit for a suit. The store will most likely have a suit in Marlins colors that will work.


Who is “in charge” at practices and meets if I have a problem?
There are usually 2 or 3 ‘parent reps’ that manage our team. It should be obvious to you pretty quickly who they are because they’ll be checking swimmers in at the first practice, making sure everyone has what they need, talking to coaches during practice, sending out all the email announcements, and answering parent questions at practice. They will also introduce themselves at the first practice.

How do I stay up-to-date on announcements and deadlines?
Follow the Maumelle Marlins Facebook page for public information and join the Facebook parent group for team-only announcements. All time-sensitive information is also sent out via email. Please make sure your email address is current when registering!

How can I ask a question?
There are 3 ways to reach a parent rep:

  • Find a parent rep at practice.
  • Click ‘reply’ to any email from a parent rep and it goes directly to them.
  • Send an email to [email protected]