Refund Policy:

  • Operational Fee is non-refundable ($75 per family)
  • If canceled by 4/25/2022 (two weeks after preseason practice begins) full swimmer fees will be refunded
  • If canceled between 4/26/2022 and 5/27/2022, a pro-rated refund of swimmer fees will be given based on the number of weeks left in the pre-season
  • Fundraising Deposit ($100 per swimmer) is refundable through 5/27/2022 (unless Fundraising requirement is fulfilled)
  • Jobs Deposit ($200 per family) is refundable through 5/27/2022

**Pre-season-typcially when practices are held in the afternoon.  For 2022 pre-season is 4/11-6/3.

**Regular season-when practices are held in the morning.  For 2022 the season begins 6/6.