2022 Walnut Country Swim Fees


1)    Swimmer Fees (per swimmer)

                                  CATEGORY                                FEE

                                   Swimmer 1                                $375

                                   Swimmer 2                                $350

                            Swimmer 3 or more                           $300

                            Swimmer Aged 15-18                        $175


2)    Jobs Deposit                                                           $200 (per family)

3)    Fundraising Deposit                                                 $100 (per swimmer)

  • This deposit is collected as a check that will not be deposited unless swimmer is not able to meet their Fundraising requirement of raising a minimum of $100 in Lap-A-Thon pledges or bringing in a Team Sponsor via the WCST Sponsorship Program (see Fundraising tab under "About Us").
  • If the Fundraising requirement has been met, your check will be shredded at the end of the season. Requirement must be met in full or you forfeit your deposit.  This check must be turned in with final paperwork before your swimmer(s) will be active to swim.   
  • Fundraising deposit example:

    Can be written per swimmer or one check for the family

    Example - Family A has two children. They can either submit two Fundraising deposit checks for $100 per swimmer, totaling $200. Or they can submit one Fundraising deposit check for $200.

4)    Operational Fee                                                         $75 (per family)

  • Fee covers expenses such as our team’s insurance and pool use.
  • Accounting/tax expenses