2022 Little Ray Schedule: May 9 through July 7 

The Little Rays Program is for children ages three to five (3-6) years old who are comfortable in the water (water safe) and are able to swim a short distance unassisted, but can’t yet swim the full length of the pool (25 yards). They also must be potty trained. The coaches will work with them to improve their technique and their times.  

Little Rays are considered part of the swim team in every way, except they do not compete in swim meets. We do have a participation “race” for them at the start of some home meets. Little Rays also kick off the Lap-A-Thon with a race! Many of them swim this race with a coach right in front of them for encouragement and safety. We do this so they can get familiar with swim meets and be encouraged to improve, so they can swim "like the big kids."

The goal of the Little Rays program is for the swimmer to become competent and confident enough to swim with the 6 & U age group by the end of the summer. When a Little Ray can swim 1 lap of freestyle in under a minute and 1 lap of backstroke, they will be moved to the 6 & U age group to compete in meets. However, depending on their progress, they can be Little Rays
all season if need be.