PRACTICES. Get your swimmer(s) to practices and meets on time! Supervise your own swimmer(s). Make sure your swimmers, especially 8 & under, are supervised while not swimming. Swim practice is not an alternative to babysitting. Please do not allow your children to roam the pool area long before or after their practices.

BE POSITIVE! Support your child throughout the season.

SWIM MEETS. Attend every meet possible because your swimmers are important to the team’s performance home and away!

CHEER! Everyone loves to have the kind of support that only comes from cheering of friends and family.

SUPPORT THE COACH! Support and encourage the coaches throughout the summer. The more appreciated they feel, the better job they will do.

LET THE COACH, COACH. The coaches are qualified to judge a swimmer’s performance and technique. Your role is to provide support.

CONCERNED? We welcome and encourage parental interest. However, please do not converse with the coach during practice. If you have a concern, please contact the coaches’ liaison. Conversations with coaches during meets are also discouraged. If you feel you need to speak at length, feel free to make an appointment with the coaches. Any major concerns should be handled by contacting the Directors.

LEAVING? Please do not leave your child unattended at any meets.