WCST and CHOA Pool Rules

Please familiarize yourself with the WCST and Cowell Homeowners Association (CHOA) rules we need to follow.

  • Respect the facility
  • Please clean up after yourself. There is no custodial staff.
  • Nobody is permitted to swim unless they are registered and it is their designated time (not even dunking your toes on the steps). 
  • The gates cannot remain open during practice or we violate the state law/health code.
  • Do not sit on the walls or climb the walls or fences. No gate hopping please!
  • Scooters, skateboards, and bikes need to stay outside of the gated area. Please do not bring into the pool area.
  • Please use the greenbelt for throwing/bouncing balls.
  • The children’s wading pool is not to be used at any time during practice or meets.
  • Please do not climb the trees on the greenbelt.
  • The clubhouse is for residents. If you are a resident and plan to use, please use the outside entrance and not the stairs inside the pool area.
  • Please do not let your kids play on the stairs going up to the clubhouse, including the outside deck.
  • Please do not let your kids play at the nearby preschool.
  • Please keep showers to 2 minutes. 
  • Coaches are teaching the swimmersif kids are playing nearby and screaming or making load noises, it makes it difficult for the coaches to be heard by the swimmers in the pool. If it’s your child screaming or yelling, please make them aware that it disrupts practice. In addition, there are families living across the street and the noise does impact them.
  • Please be aware of parking. There are families that live in the neighborhood that are not part of the swim team, and they need to be able to back out of driveways without being blocked.
  • The pool is in a family neighborhood. Please do not speed in your car.
  • If your child is hurt or needs First Aid, the Head Coach and Assistant Coaches are First Aid/CPR certified.