What are the board positions?

Below is a brief overview of each board position's responsibilities.  If you would like a more detailed description, please contact the current board member. Contact information can be found here.

President and Vice President. Jointly responsible for coordinating the overall team effort to best accomplish WCST’s goals.

Secretary. Responsible for recording minutes of the WCST Board or General Membership meetings, managing registration, preparing and maintaining the current WCST roster, maintaining the WCST membership records and managing publicity.

Treasurer. Responsible for handling payments, maintaining records of WCST financial transactions, managing WCST payroll, and presenting a written financial report, complete with a current budget update, at each WCST Board regular or General Membership meeting.

Meet Director and Assistant Meet Director. Jointly responsible for establishing a summer meet work schedule for all families, running all swim meets, and maintaining an inventory of all of the WCST equipment.  Their responsibilities also include ensuring that a swim schedule is established for the upcoming swim year.

Booster. Responsible for coordinating social and spirit activities for the WCST. They are also responsible for coordinating the bulk purchase of team apparel and team swimsuits.

Fundraising. Responsible for soliciting and maintaining team sponsorships and coordinating team fundraising activities.