Everyone needs a racing or practice suit. This just means no board shorts or frilly suits. We are looking for function, not fashion. You will also need racing goggles (not the kind from Target, but rather Sports Basement or NorCal). Silicone goggle straps tend to break from time to time. Be prepared with a backup if yours are worn. Also, there is a difference between younger kid’s goggles and older kid’s goggles. Make sure you have the right fit (NorCal has hundreds and lets you try them on to make sure they work). If your hair is long enough that it could cover your mouth when you turn to breathe, you need a cap—boys as well as girls.


Optional stuff: If you are someone that gets cold quickly, you can wear a shortie (wetsuit with no arms or legs). T-shirts do not keep you warmer and are not acceptable. You may want to bring a water bottle. Sun block is a good idea even when it is cloudy (apply at least 10 minutes before swimming).