Swim Meets provide an opportunity for each of our swimmers to see how they are improving; they are a chance to challenge themselves to achieve a new personal best time in each of their events.  Meets are also an opportunity to share time with family, friends, team-mates... Even for swimmers that are not "competitive," meets are social, fun events to make summer memories...

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Each swim meet requires a large number of volunteers to run the different aspects - timers, officials, data desk, ribbons, concessions, announcer, DJ, etc.  A season will easily encompass a dozen dual meets, and a couple of large Invitationals (all day, or multi-day meets with multiple teams), which could not be possible without the support of families.  For this reason, swim team parents are required to perform a number of jobs during the season.  The specific number will vary depending on the total number of member families. 

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