All About Swim Meets

The team's scheduled swim meets can be viewed on the Home page of our website, or on the Events tab, or under Calendars. By selecting any one of the meets, you should be able to learn details about location and time for the event.  

Season Notes:

● Your children are automatically SIGNED IN for all meets.

● For meet sign-out instructions, click HERE.

● Please make sure to sign-out at your earliest convenience; particularly for invitationals as the team pays ~$30/swimmer to attend.

◦ For dual meets you must sign out at least 8 days in advance.

◦ For invitationals, Meet Directors will email out deadlines as they approach.

● If you attend City Meet (and have children under age 15), you are required to work at least 1 job shift at that meet (it counts toward your required regular season jobs). 


Swim Meets FAQ's

More details about meets (types, event order, etc.) found HERE