The Barracudas will have Junior Coaches on deck to assist the coaches in running practices, organizing team events, and helping out at meets.

In order to be eligible, applicants must have swam with the Barracudas for at least one year, and have completed their freshman year of high school. 

If your swimmer might be interested in applying, please email Castlewood Barracudas ([email protected]) with any questions.  The application is located here on our site for you to download and complete. 

Note:  At this time it is undecided if the coaching staff will need Junior coaches for the 2021 Summer Swim clinics.  Please check back after May 3rd for more information.  

Please be sure to submit your application to [email protected]  Note:  Applicants may be asked to come in for an interview with the swim committee.

See you at the pool!


What does it mean to be a Castlewood Barracudas Junior Coach?

Job description is outlined below:

• Arrive 15 minutes early to help set up the pool for first practice
• Work with assigned lane during 6 & under and 7-8 practice times 
• Help kids be safe, and reinforce Coaches instructions
• Provide positive reinforcement to kids and help them feel successful and motivated 
• Interact with parents only as needed 
• At the end of all practices, help remove lane lines and clean up the pool area so it is ready for open swim

Swim Meets: 
• Arrive early to help with set up 
• Lead the team cheer 
• Assist age group coordinators in finding missing swimmers 
• Help get the kids to appropriate events and lanes when it is time for them to swim 
• Assist with relay starts 
• Cheer for and encourage all swimmers 
• Assist head coaches as needed

In General: 
• Be a good example and positive role model to kids 
• Plan and organize social events and fun Fridays
• Be respectful in all interactions will swimmers and parents 
• Improve overall team spirit, and promote the theme for swim meets
• Be there to support and assist head coaches with everything they need

Requirements: Must be at least a freshman in high school