Each Season Family's are responsible for a set amount of fundraising per swimmer.  Families write a check for Fundraising at time of registration, and then work towards fulfilling that amount.  When that is complete, your check is returned to you.   

Fees are as follows:  1 swimmer = $100        2nd swimmer = $100    3rd  swimmer = $ 100 Cap of $300 per family

Below you will find various methods our Team has to fulfill your fundraising obligation:


(1) The Benefit App-  

 Sign up for Benefit App!  It is easy.  Download the App.  Purchase e gift cards, that stay right on your phone for ease of use.  Each retailer, restaurant, fast food, or grocery store gives a percentage "back" when gift cards are purchased.  That $ goes towards your persona fundraising goal.  You can raise plenty of money in no time at all.  For example  if you purchase            $50 e gift card at Safeway (3%),           $25 @ Panda Express (6% )      $25 @ Starbucks (6%),   $25 @ CVS (3%),                 $25 @ Marshalls  (6%) @ Dominos Pizza (8%) - - - You would earn $8.75 towards your fundraising goal - and that is just spending money where you already do ! !

Go to your App Store and download the 'Benefit' App. You choose the "Beneficiaries" of your purchases.  Click on "non profits" and search for Forest Park.  There are 2 choices - The Swim Team and/or the Pool.  Both have fundraising obligations.  You can choose whichever one you want your fundraising efforst to goes towards.

Need help? ?   Watch the YouTube video below or Contact Lily at [email protected] for more information