Buddy night frequently asked questions:  

What are buddies? Buddies are small groups of kids from different age groups assigned to each other yearly. This helps kids get to know and support teammates they might not see at practice. The list is posted at the pool, but please let us know if you are not sure who your buddies are. Mini flyers are not assigned buddies until they move up to the swim team.

What do buddies do? Big and little buddies cheer for and encourage one another at swim meets! Some also bring each other little gifts or snacks (like Gatorade, candy, or items from the Dollar store). There is no requirement to buy anything, use your creativity and imagination! Buddies also make posters for each other for Buddy Night and City meet, often with candy attached. Please bring a poster for your buddy(ies) to Buddy Night (or drop it off ahead of time if your child(ren) can’t attend). The posters will be displayed all around the pool! Each child should take home the poster made for them, enjoy the candy, but bring the poster back to City Meet to decorate our team area! Any child(ren) that can’t attend Buddy Night will have their poster(s) displayed near the entrance to the pool for pick up after Buddy Night

What is buddy night? It's a fun costume party with food, games, and music! This year the theme is "Winter in July", be creative! You can even get your buddy group together for a group costume! Coaches will also be there to join in the fun! There is no lifeguard/no swimming during the party. There is a door monitor. After buddy night, all high school swimmers can stay for a water polo game. We ask that the little ones go home promptly, flying water polo balls hurt!  

Can I attend buddy night? It is a kid event, however, if you want to stay (it's fun!!!), please check the Sign Up Genius for volunteer opportunities. Helpers get to eat and have fun while volunteering. If your child has special circumstances and you need to be there, text me and let me know.  

My child is new, doesn't know anyone, their buddies are out of town. Should they attend? Yes! We will keep an eye out for your kiddos and find them a group or coach to hang with. Our kids are amazingly caring, especially with the little ones, and we have awesome kids willing to help out!  

Questions? Please email our Buddy Night Coordinators:  

Marcie Franich (Nolan (7) and Norah’s (5) mom) & Heather Cochnauer (Lilly's (9) mom) at: [email protected]