Expectations of our Coaches

The main focus of the Forest Park Swim Team is to teach correct stroke and turn technique. Often, at the Rec. level, time improvements are the result of stroke improvements rather than strength gained from training. The goal is for all Flyer swimmers to become proficient in all four strokes and turns, and enable each swimmer to understand methods of self-correction while in the water.

A primary focus will be to teach sound workout habits. This involves concentration, attentiveness, effort, and discipline. The swimmers will learn how to listen and focus on the coaches’ instructions and comments. In this way, they will be able to gain the most understanding out of each practice.

The Forest Park Coaches will also stress that all swimmers enjoy their experience and learn the proper integration of work and play. The program will include activities that are non-athletic in setting, and will be supportive of other activities such as soccer, baseball, school functions, etc. We want this to be a positive and memorable experience for all swimmers on the team.


  • Provide for a safe environment around the pool.
  • Consistently provide advice and encouragement.
  • Consistently exhibit a positive attitude.
  • Every coach is encouraged to learn the name of every child.


  • Provide instruction to improve strokes, turns, starts/dives, and touches/turns.
  • Have a minimum of at least one coach for every two lanes. Each coach shall consistently be providing feedback on the above.
  • Coaches of all 10 & under swimmers will spend time coaching in the water, especially at the start of the season.
  • The Head Coach or one of the Assistant Coaches is to be available to provide additional instruction where necessary.


  • Ensure that all 8 & younger swimmers (with shepherd help) are at the starting blocks with adequate time to prepare for their race.
  • All 10 & younger swimmers shall have at least one coach in their lane providing encouragement and feedback after the event.
  • Should a swimmer be disqualified, the coach shall clearly explain why the disqualification occurred.
  • Encourage use of team banners and cheers before and during each meet.
  • Organize and participate in swimmer social events.



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