Our team relies on fundraising to help cover our operating costs. Each swim season, families are responsible for a set amount of fundraising per swimmer, although highly encouraged to raise more! Families pay the team their fundraising committment at the beginning of each swim season. There are many ways families can then raise money for the team and have their fundraising deposit refunded to them.   

Fundraising committments are as follows: 

1 swimmer = $100       

2nd swimmer = $100   

3rd  swimmer = $ 100 Cap of $300 per family

Below you will find various methods FPST has to fulfill your fundraising obligation:

  1. Swim-a-thon: Our biggest fundraiser each year is our swim-a-thon! Swimmers get pledges and/or donations from family members and friends. This can be per lap or a flat donation. Swimmers then compete in the swim-a-thon and report the number of laps swum to their donors. Donations are then collected and returned to the team. High lap count and donation swimmers will win prizes!
  2. Partnership Opportunities - FPST is looking for neighborhood partners to contribute to our mission to provide a safe and family friendly swim community for all. Partnership opportunities for 2023 are in the works and will be released soon!
  3. We’ve partnered up with our friends at Big House Beans to offer you a chance to support your favorite swim team while purchasing delicious, award-winning, and local coffee!  You read that right, 40% of every pound of coffee purchased will go directly to the Forest Park Flyers!  https://forestparkpool.net/flyers-fundraising/
  4. RaiseRight app. RaiseRight is an easy way to raise money for the team, shopping at all your favorite stores! Gift cards can be mailed to you or downloaded as eCards in your RaiseRight Wallet. Our enrollment code is: H19GLU75LSCQ