New Family Information

Welcome to all of our new Flyer Families.  In an effort to eliminate some of the confusion that comes with being new and to help you "plunge" right in and have fun, we would like to provide you with some basic information which we hope you will find helpful.

  Please read the job descriptions enclosed in this packet.  Do not worry about not knowing how to do a job.  We were all new once and know the anxiety you may feel, so please do not panic.  You will find that there is always someone near to help you.  


Pre-season (spring) practice begins on Monday, April 8th.  The summer schedule will begin on Monday, June 10th and practices will be held in both the morning and the afternoon.  Morning practice is considered the primary practice and stresses endurance.  Afternoon practice stresses stroke work.  Swimmers are expected to attend at least one practice each day. 


Torture Week

    In order to better prepare the swimmers for the big end of season two-day meets, practice is expanded for one week during July.  This week is referred to as Torture Week.  There are separate Torture Weeks for swimmers ages 10 & under and 11 & up.  During Torture Week, swimmers are expected to attend both morning and afternoon practices.  Friday afternoon practice will be held only during Torture Week.  Afternoon practices during this time are only for the swimmers participating in Torture Week.  As an incentive, swimmers who miss no more than one practice during the week are awarded a special Torture Week T-shirt.


Being a member of the team, you will be sure to have some fun too.  Here are some of the planned activities:  Swimmer pancake breakfast, beach trip, Waterworld, team movie, pasta feed potlucks before two day meets, pizza and awards after two day meets, as well as Buddy Night.  There are also age group activities that are planned by a parent coordinator.  Check the calendar in this packet for dates and the pool bulletin board for further details.

Swimming Buddies:  

Each swimmer will be assigned buddies at the beginning of the summer swim practice.  This is designed to give swimmers a chance to get to know more of their teammates in different age groups.  Each swimmer should spend some time getting to know their buddies over the summer.  Cheer for your buddies during swim meets and encourage their progress.  Show spirit for your buddy by making posters for them and hanging them up at our two-day meets.

Buddy Night:

Buddy Night is an evening social event for the swimmers, which will include dinner, dancing, games, and fun.  Approximately two weeks before the event, there will be more information posted as well as parent volunteer sign-ups for Buddy Night.  

Swim Meets

Dual Meets

    Dual meets” are regular swim meets.  They are generally held on Wednesday and Saturday, when we swim against one other team.  

Evening meets begin at 6:00 PM.  During home meets at Forest Park, swimmers are expected to arrive with adequate time so they can be in the pool at 4:45 PM for warm-ups.  For away meets, swimmers are expected to arrive with adequate time so they can be in the pool at 5:15 PM for warm-ups.  

Saturday morning meets begin at 9:00 AM.  During home meets at Forest Park, swimmers are expected to be in the water at 7:45 AM for warm-ups.  For away meets, swimmers are expected to be in the water at 8:15 AM for warm-ups. 

Two-Day Meets

The two-day meets we participate in are:

1. Battle of Ages (self-funded)

2. Devil Mt Pentathlon (self-funded)

3. Crossings Challenge (self-funded)

4. City Meet

5. County Meet (Swimmers must qualify)

Two-day meets are fun and good experience for the swimmers, but be prepared, they can be an all day event.  Parents will be asked to work one shift during each two-day meet.  Job assignments will be posted on the bulletin board a few days prior to the meet.  Practices will NOT be held on the Monday following all two-day meets.  

What to bring to meets

  • Team suit, goggles, deck shoes, swim cap (and a spare).
  • At least two towels per swimmer.
  • Sun hat, visor, umbrella, sunscreen (for parents too!)
  • Lawn chairs, blankets or a sleeping bag to sit or lie down on. 
  • Jacket, parka, flannels or sweats. 
  • Diversions - books, newspaper, games, cards, Gameboy, iPod, etc.  There is down time between swims.  
  • Sports drinks, water, juice. 
  • Ice chest with plenty of healthy snacks - fruit, bagels, Chex Mix, granola bars, etc.
  • Pens, to jot down your swimmers times and a camera to record their event.
  • Finally, show some team spirit.  Wear team apparel and/or colors to the meet for the team.  And if you want to make a sign, that would be great, too!

Look around to see what other people are bringing, borrow from their ideas and share your own.  Look for information via email and posted at the pool.  We are here to help you in any way we can to ensure your experience with Forest Park Flyers is a positive one.  Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.  

Welcome and, Swim Fast!  Have Fun!  

Sue Hernandez, President