Forest Park Swim Team Bylaws

Article I – Purpose

The Forest Park Swim Team (FPST) is an extension of the Forest Park Swimming Association located at 1766 Mendocino Drive in Concord, CA. FPST participates in the Contra Costa Valley Swim Conference (CCVSC) league. The primary goal of FPST as a recreational swim team is for all swimmers to have fun. In addition to this goal, the coaches and swim team board will work to foster participation, develop good sportsmanship, team spirit, a good self-image, and above all, to help all swimmers improve both their skills and their times throughout the season in a friendly recreational swimming environment. FPST will also promote a sense of community that will endure beyond the swim season.

Article II – Membership

Swimmer’s parents must be members in good standing of the Forest Park Swimming Association (FPSA), or Associate members (swimmers that pay a pool use fee for the exclusive purpose of participating on the Swim Team only).

  • Swimmer’s parents must be members in good standing of the Forest Park Swim Team (FPST).
  • Swimmers must conform to the current LMYA ( County Meet) ruling in regard to swimmer eligibility.
  • The Board will have the authority to suspend or revoke team membership for cause.
  • The coach shall have the discretion to determine if a swimmer has sufficient skills to join the FPST.

Article III – Officers

The FPST board of directors will consist of up to 13 positions. Suggested positions may include:

  • Swim Team President
  • Swim Team Vice President (also serves on FPSA board as a voting member)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership
  • League Representatives (2)
  • Parent Worker Coordinator
  • Fund Raising Coordinator
  • Incentives and Awards Coordinator
  • Hospitality and Spirit Coordinator
  • Merchandise Coordinator
  • Meet Director (desk)

Guidelines outlining board member job duties are included in the Parent Handbook. These duties are maintained by the secretary and updated and amended from time to time with the approval of the board.

The term of office is for one year from October 1 to September 30.

The Swim Team President will have the authority to name a replacement for any board member who can not fulfill or complete his or her term of office.

Each position, with the exception of League Representative, may be filled by a single member, a family, or two members sharing the position. Each position will have one vote at swim team board meetings.

Article IV – Board Meetings

There are three required FPST board meetings, generally held in March (to get the season going), July (to plan for Championship Meet), and October (Annual financial and operational review). Other meetings should be called by the Swim Team President as deemed necessary.

A quorum consists of 7 board positions. It takes 7 voters of those present to decide on a matter. If 7 representatives of the determined positions are not present, then the matter will be postponed until the next meeting.

Any member in good standing of the FPST may attend the board meetings. Members should contact the Swim Team President at least 3 days prior to the meeting to be included in the agenda.

Article V – Elections

All board positions are volunteer positions and elections are not required if no positions are contested. All positions will be posted at the pool during the month of August. Nominations for new board positions occur during the month of August. Members can self nominate, or second party nominate a member. All nominees will be contacted prior to the vote if a vote is necessary.

In the event of a contest for a board position, a general meeting of members will be held for a vote.

New board members will take office at the October meeting.

Article VI – Finances

The financial records of the FPST are combined with those of the Forest Park Swimming Association and are maintained on a calendar year basis.

The Treasurer should submit year end financial statement after the completion of the swim season for the board’s review.

The Treasurer should submit a team budget at the March meeting, or as scheduled by the board for the board’s review and approval.

Dues and fundraising obligations required by the budget each year shall be paid in accordance to schedules established by the board. The annual period for fundraising is set by the board and does not necessarily follow a calendar year.

The board has the authority to suspend or revoke team memberships for financial non-performance.

Article VII – Coaching Staff Selection Committee

A Coaching Staff Selection Committee should be assembled in October or November of each year after the new board begins its term of office. The committee should be active all year.

The Coaching Staff Selection Committee chairperson should be a member of the FPST board. The other members of the committee are not required to be board members, but it is preferable if a majority of members are also board members.

The committee’s duties include recruiting, interviewing, and making recommendations to the board to hire/fire/retain candidates. Duties also include, monitoring the coaching staff’s performance.

Article VIII – Parent Evaluation/Suggestions/Grievances

Parent Evaluations may be handled via meetings or surveys. Results raised at meetings or results of surveys will be reviewed at the next scheduled board meeting. The board will determine any necessary actions.

Any suggestions and/or grievances of members concerning the activities of the FPST must be filed in writing with the Swim Team President for consideration by the board.

Under no circumstances should parents of members take grievances to the coaching staff.

Article IX – Awards

There will be an annual awards ceremony in September or as scheduled by the Board.

Awards will be presented to swimmers as determined by the coaches. The number of awards and their descriptions are described in the Spring Rally Packet. If additional awards or special awards are deemed necessary for a given season, then this must be approved by the board as it has financial impact to the budget.

Team Records: The best time for an event posted by a qualified member of the FPST at a regularly scheduled dual meet, championship meet or invitational meet at a comparable pool shall be recognized as a team record.

Pool records: The best time for an event posted by a qualified entrant at a regularly scheduled home meet or invitational held at Forest Park pool.

Team and Pool records will be maintained by the Team Records parent power position.

Article X – Swim Meets

CCVSC dual meets and the CCVSC Championship meet will be conducted in accordance with the current CCVSC Standing Rules.

Other dual meets will be conducted in accordance with the current CCVSC Standing Rules, unless other arrangements are made with the opposing team.

The meet schedule shall be developed by the Swim Team Vice President, and approved by the Board.

Article XI – Coaches

A coach recommended and hired by the Board has the responsibility for the organization, training and other day to day functions of the Swim Team under the supervision of the Swim Team President and the Board.

Any number of assistant coaches will be recommended by the Coaching Staff Selection Committee each year and approved by the Board.


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