Forest Park Award Definitions:

Most Improved: based on total # of PBs, total amount of time improved in specific events, skill and/or technique improvement, and maintaining a positive attitude and regular participation in practices/meets.

Most Valuable: most likely given to those who dominate scoring in meets and high performance levels in all competitions. Also taken into account is maintaining positive attitude towards coaches, teammates and competitors; remaining motivated and hard-working in practice.

Most Dedicated:  Based on regular attendance at practice (double workouts considered) and regular participation in meets. Someone who is proud to represent FP and does his/her best to show it by cheering/supporting others and maintaining positive attitude in any situation. He/she makes extra effort to show all the positive aspects of a Flyer.

Most Determined: Someone with an intense desire to succeed in whatever goals he/she sets out to accomplish. He/she focuses on working hard in practice and continuously seeks improvement. 

Sportsmanship: Someone who always treats coaches, teammates, officials, and parents with respect. He/she is constantly cheering for others at meets and makes encouraging remarks before and after races. He/she is an energetic and enthusiastic member of the team and a positive influence on others.

Flyer of the Year: A rare award in which a swimmer must encompass aspects of each of the previous 5 awards.

Ironman Award:  Another rare award given only to a swimmer who commits an extreme amount of time to swimming and dedication to practice attendance, while also completing the practices with a positive attitude.

Coaches Award: Each coach sees a swimmer that stands out in their mind, for a certain reason, above everyone else. This swimmer does something memorable whether it is continuous hard work in practice, continual positive outlook, or someone who may not ever receive a “special award” but did something that the coach deemed distinctive. This award is always at each individual coach’s discretion.

Most Outstanding Relay: Given to 4 swimmers from one age group who thoroughly dominated their relay events, together throughout the year.

Rookie of the Year award: Given to one boy and one girl who are in their first season at Forest Park.

All 5 County Times: Given to anyone who performs the exceptional feat of achieving all 5 County Qualifying times during the year.

10-Year Award: Given to anyone who has completed 10 years of being a Flyer.

Graduation Award:  For our graduating high school seniors.

Teresa Satmary Award for Most Outstanding 7-8: This award is given in honor of Teresa, who as a 7-8 on Forest Park years ago, was an unbelievably talented and gifted swimmer. She passed away in a car accident as a teenager.

Mark Ayres’ Award for Most Inspirational Swimmer: This award is voted on by the swimmers for the swimmer that inspired them the most to do their best and above all, become a better all-around swimmer. It is now named in honor of a former Forest Park swimmer, Mark Ayres, who inspired countless others with his upbeat attitude and charismatic personality. He passed away in a cliff diving accident at the age of 21 in the year 2000.

Swimmer of the Week: Given each week to swimmers who demonstrate great improvement in meets, excellent workout ethic, new County, “A” or “B” times, or something else at the coach’s discretion.