Welcome Back Otters!

Nestled between the majestic peaks of Mount Diablo, the shimmering waters of Dana Hills pool have begun to come to life.

Summer practice is underway, the sounds of splashing water, coaches calling out direction, and children thoroughly enjoying themselves made me forget for a moment about the crazy world we are living in.  There have been adjustments made to improve the overall swimming experience and maintain pool safety for all our swimmers.  For the less experienced swimmers, learning and developing stroke technique has begun.  For the more experienced swimmers, muscle memory is starting to kick in, and the rust is beginning to brush off as they polish a lot of what they already know. 

COVID-19 operating procedures are in effect for the clinic/practices and all pool operations. Swimmers and coaches are required to wear masks in accordance with County and State mandates, entry and exit procedures and physical distancing best practices must be followed.

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