Dana Hills Swim Camp

Registration $250 per swimmer


  • Each camp counselors will be assigned the same 12 swimmers for the duration of the program
  • No group will interact with another group
  • There will be no make-ups for camp sessions missed

Health and Safety of participants & Staff

  • The front entrance and pool area will be marked with COVID 19 signage /cones to maintain social distancing. Camp attendees will be given a time and cone assignment that will never change. All swimmers must maintain a 6ft distance when walking from curbside drop off to their respective cones to set their belongings down. From there, they will go to their lane assignment when the supervisor has given them the OK to do so. All Camp counselors will be wearing masks or facial covering. Prior to arriving at the Camp, all swimmers should be pre-screened at home by the parent. If your child has any symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle aches/pain, sudden loss of taste/smell, extreme fatigue) or is running a fever please do not bring your child to the Camp.
  • All camp counselors will sign off that they received the Prevent the Spread of COVID 19 if You are Sick Pamphlet
  • Each day all camp counselors and lifeguards will be asked the following questions. Employees' responses and temperatures will be logged using a log sheet. Employees will print and sign names. If the employee has a fever over 100.4, they will be sent home or should seek medical professional consultation.

    Managers are to ask the following questions each day the employees arrive to work.

    1. Do you have a new cough/headache in the last 3 days?
    2. Do you have unusual shortness of breath in the last 3 days?
    3. Do you have a new sore throat in the last 3 days?
    4. Have you been exposed to anyone with Covid-19 in the last 2 weeks?
    5. Do you have a sudden loss of taste or smell?
    6. Have you experienced chills or muscle aches in the last 3 days?
    7. Are you comfortable returning to work? Do you live with anyone with high risk? (the employee doesn’t have to answer #7)
  • There will be gloves and masks on-site for any coaches that need them or need replacements. However, recommend all coaches arrive with masks and personal pens to use in signing off on logbooks, which will be kept onsite.
  • If an employee or camp participant reports symptoms or shows signs of COVID-19 during the camp, any current camp session will be halted.

Drop off / Start of Camp w/ Curbside Check-in

  • Please arrive 5-10 min prior to your camp start time for check-in.
    • PLEASE do not be late
  • A camp counselor will greet campers at the entrance and confirm verbal health checks (cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle aches/pain, sudden loss of taste/smell, extreme fatigue)
  • Swimmers may start from the same side of the pool, however, if any swimmer is not maintaining 6ft distances, camp counselors are advised to split lane start points ( have one stop at flags, one on wall-no shared wall time.
  • Swimmers will arrive and be dropped off at curbside to head to their cone. Parents should avoid exiting their vehicle and do not drop your child off without your camp counselor present
  • Swimmers must wear a facial covering until they get to their assigned lane
  • Drop bags at designated marked cone
  • Wait for coaches’ instructions
  • Swimmers must bring their own equipment
  • The facility will be sanitized before the next group arrives-15/20 minutes between groups, which will allow the lifeguard to disinfect the bathroom and any high touch areas.
  • Swimmers who drive themselves to camp should park streetside and exit the car when they see their counselor form a group. The swimmer will be careful to maintain social distancing from other participants.

Pick up / End of Camp Fitness Facility

  • At the completion of the camp session, swimmers will stand behind their lane at the respective cone, put on a face mask, collect their gear, and wait for the counselor to organize the group for exit.
  • Follow all markings to keep 6ft social distancing while waiting to leave the facility Group will walk out together at the direction of the counselor to the parking lot
  • Swimmers will exit the pool facility, wearing a facemask to the pickup location at the fitness facility
  • Parents, please DO NOT exit your vehicle
  • Follow all markings to keep 6ft social distancing while waiting to leave the facility