Dana Hills Swim Team Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to keep swimmers, coaches, and pool staff associated with the Dana Hills Supervised Swim opportunity safe. As restrictions continue to change, these guidelines may be amended to provide the best and safest environment for our swimmers, coaches, and pool staff.

Each swimmer must submit a signed DHHA Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement before the first day of the session. Waivers must be signed by the swimmer’s parent or legal guardian.

Practice Format

  1. Per County Health Order, dated June 16, 2020, 1 swimmer per 75 square feet is allowed in the pool at any one time (~64 swimmers). Groups will be formed within that limit based on age and ability. Each session will be planned for a maximum of 48 swimmers but may flex up to the allowed 64 per session if siblings are in the same session.
  2. Swimmers in each group will remain in their assigned groups so that stable groups are maintained.
  3. Group interactions will be minimized.
  4. Parents of swimmers will monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 infection and report to the coaches any symptoms or positive contacts. All participants will follow the return to participation guidelines outlined below.

Drop Off Process - Front Entrance

  1. The session coach will sanitize their hands and put on their mask before checking in swimmers.
  2. Swimmers will arrive 5-10 minutes before the start time.
  3. All swimmers should wear a face mask on the parking lot, inside the facilities, and pool deck until entering the water.
  4. Swimmers are dropped off at the main gate of Dana Hills Homeowners Association Pool Facility (“Facility”), drive-through style.
  5. Swimmers who drive themselves to camp should park street-side to avoid additional traffic in the parking lot. Swimmers should wear face coverings and should maintain physical distancing from other participants when entering and exiting the facility to and from their car.
  6. Swimmers will sanitize their hands when entering the facility.
  7. A waiting area with markers indicating appropriate physical distancing will be provided for swimmers prior to their session. Each swimmer will have available space for personal clothing, towels, and bags.
  8. Swimmers will have their personal equipment (for example goggles, caps, water bottle). They should come to the facility dressed and ready to swim. Swimmers will not be allowed to change at the pool. Swimmers must be able to put on their cap and goggles as coaches will not be able to help.
  9. Swimmers are encouraged to provide their own fins and board. The team provided fins and boards will be properly cleaned and disinfected before use by another person.
  10. If prepared for dryland, swimmers must come in running shoes and athletic clothing, with a water bottle, and sunscreen already on, if applicable.

During Pool Time

Coaches will encourage swimmers to adhere to physical distancing guidelines around the Facility at all times.

  1. Distancing will be promoted while in the pool as much as possible by optimizing start and end times for laps.
  2. Swimmers will follow all coach instructions for water entry or dry land instructions.
  3. A Coach may enter the water to demonstrate, assist, or correct swimmers. All coaches in the water will wear a face shield and maintain physical distance while maintaining a safe swimming environment for all participants.

Pool Exit

Upon completion of swim time, the swimmer exits the pool at their entry point, dries off, collects gear, puts on their mask, at their “waiting spot”.

  1. The coach will excuse the swimmer via the lower gate.
  2. Swimmers will sanitize their hands before exiting the pool facility.
  3. Families should stay in their cars, drive-through style to pick up swimmers at the gate

Competition Format

As of January 25, 2021, Inter-team competitions for swim teams are currently allowed according to the Contra Costa Health Department in accordance with State guidance for youth and adult recreational sports. Competition guidelines will be updated to follow the latest guidelines of the State and County Health offices. In accordance with the State guidelines, the following guidelines are currently will be followed

  1. Competitions will be between two teams at a time.
  2. Face Coverings are required for all coaches, officials, volunteers, and parents at all times on-site at the event.
  3. Swimmers are required to wear face-coverings when not actively participating in their event.
  4. Participants should perform hand hygiene before and after each event, hand sanitizer will be provided at the entry and exit of the block area for all participants.
  5. Families of participants are encouraged to limit attendance at meets. The capacity of the spectator area around the pool will be marked to ensure non-household members are able to maintain 6 ft distancing while observing.
  6. All observers are required to wear face coverings at all times.
  7. Officials, coaches, and volunteers will be encouraged to maintain physical distancing with each other and all participants.

Returning to participation after infection or contact

  1. Children and teens with symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend practices or competitions. They should consult their physician for testing and notify their coach of their symptoms.
  2. Youth who have tested positive for COVID-19 should not participate in practice or competitions. Return to participation shall follow the County health guidelines, which require a minimum of 10 days after the beginning of symptoms or being cleared by a physician to participate.
  3. Swimmers with direct contact with a person diagnosed with COVID 19 must follow county guidelines regarding testing and quarantine and not participate until appropriate. (https://cchealth.org/covid19/providers/pdf/Home-Quarantine-Instructions-for-Close-Contact.pdf) This usually requires a 10-day period of self-isolation.

Swim Coaches and Staff

  1. All coaches and staff will sign off that they received the “Prevent the Spread of COVID 19 if You are Sick” pamphlet.
  2. All coaches and staff are required to self-check daily and not come to work if experiencing any symptoms of illness.
  3. A plan for staff sick calls will be in place. Coaches will not be penalized for calling in sick.
  4. If a coach or participant reports symptoms or shows signs of COVID-19 during the session, they will be excused and the session will be halted. The designated Board member will be notified and the coach or swimmer parent contacted for follow-up.
  5. There will be a designated Board Member as a point of contact for employees or swimmers for confidential contact with diagnosis or exposure to COVID-19 for proper reporting to public health agencies. Swimmers in the same and adjoining lanes as well as the coach for those lanes and assigned check-in will be instructed to quarantine until further direction is obtained from the County Health Officer.
  6. All coaches and certified lifeguards will receive updated COVID-19 specific training before the start of camp and sign verification that they have read and understand the guidelines.

General operating procedures

The safety of our swimmers is a top priority. Coaches, parents/guardians, staff, and swimmers are responsible for the safety of themselves and each other. A swimmer may be removed from the program if he/she or his/her parent/guardian jeopardizes the safety of other swimmers, coaches, or other staff members.

  1. The coach will prop open the gate with the cement cylinder at entrance and exit times to minimize surface contact.
  2. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed liberally around the pool deck area for swimmers to use between activities.
  3. All coaches will sanitize their hands between sessions.
  4. Swimmers should use the restroom before entering the Facility. Restrooms will be open if needed and be wiped down by the Head Coach/Coach between sessions and after each use.
  5. The Head Coach will remind swimmers to adhere to physical distancing.
  6. Swimmers will not be allowed into the pool area, pool deck, or dryland area except during their designated time. Swimmers should not arrive at the Facility any earlier than 5-10 minutes before their camp start time. Swimmers must be picked up within 5 minutes of the end time of their session.
  7. Swimmers are required to wear a mask entering and exiting the Facility.
  8. No parents, guardians, caretakers, or siblings (unless also in their group) will be allowed in the Facility to observe during practice.
  9. No showers, changing, or lingering at the Facility before or after swimming. No HOA furniture use.
  10. If swimmers are unable or unwilling to adhere to any of the safety rules, they will be removed from all swim sessions.
  11. The following cleaning supplies will be located in the Coaches office at all times:
  12. Latex gloves
  13. Masks
  14. Paper towels
  15. 4 large bottles of hand sanitizer (entrance, exit, deck, lifeguard office)
  16. Hand soap
  17. Bleach Sprayer
  18. No-touch Thermometer
  19. Cleaning solution
  20. Bathroom cleaning supplies
  21. Bleach
  22. Bucket
  23. Mop

The following lifeguard supplies, to be supplied by Dana Hills Homeowners Association, will be available at all times:

  • Standard lifeguard supplies
  • First Aid Kit
  • Gloves, disposable face masks, gown, or apron if available
  • Mini hand sanitizer

The COVID19 pandemic continues to evolve with guidelines changing over time. This document is subject to change as needed to stay current with the Contra Costa County Health Order, State of California Department of Public Health, USA Swimming, and CDC guidelines.