Otter Pup Information

Otter Pups is designed to expose swimmers to the terminology and basic stroke technique in freestyle and backstroke to prepare them for the competition team.  We divide swimmers into groups based on experience and skills.  More advanced swimmers will have the opportunity to move into the 6 & under age group with coaches’ discretion. The program runs from May through July, 20 minutes per day.  The practice times are listed under Calendar tab-> Practice Schedule.  We are so excited your child is considering participation in the otter pup program.  Swimming is one of the most important life skills a child can learn. Otter Pups will help your swimmer gain the emotional and physical skills needed to become an Otter. 

Minimum requirements

  • Age 3 years old & potty trained (no swim diapers)
  • Comfortable/happy in the water
  • Ability to sit, wait their turn, and listen to directions in a group setting.

An evaluation will be held before the season begins to place is swimmers in appropriate groups.


  • Have fun while swimming
  • Be a good listener and respect their coaches and teammates.
  • Learn progression drills to become proficient in freestyle and backstroke.
  • Introduce breaststroke and butterfly


All swimmers progress at their own speed.  A parent’s role is to encourage and support your young swimmer.  Young swimmers have optimal growth when they feel in control while steadily being encouraged to try new skills.

Progress Checklist

The swimmer will have a progress checklist that will be updated at the end of each practice.  Swimmers will show the parents this checklist at the end of the week. Once the swimmer completes all skills and at the discretion of the coaches, the swimmer will be ready to move up to the swim team.  The last day of Otter Pup Practice on Thursday, July 14th. Move-ups are on a try-out basis for 1 week.  We will not move up swimmers on other dates to ensure a smooth transition for swimmers and coaches.

Prior to Practice

  • Have your child eat a light snack 20-30 minutes before practice
  • Apply sunscreen to your child 15-20 minutes before practice
  • Wear a tight-fitting competition swimsuit.  No swim shirts or board shorts.
  • All swimmers should have 1 pair of goggles fitted before practice and a spare.
  • >Swimmers with long hair need to wear a cap.  Please have a spare cap.
  • Have a towel and dry clothes ready for your swimmer after practice.
  • If your swimmer has had a fever in the past 24 hours or an illness that may be contagious please be considerate of others and keep them home for 24 hours

Parent Seating

Safety is our priority.  Learning to swim, follow instructions and active listening takes a swimmer’s full attention.  To allow coaches to have your swimmer’s full attention, we ask parents to sit on the other end of the trophy case. Please remember not to distract your young swimmer or the coaches during practice.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to the coach before or after the workout.  Please don’t interrupt the coaches during practice.