DHST 2020 Registration, Cost & Commitment Questions and Answers

How can I obtain information about DHST?

All families will find that our website is filled with a ton of useful information for returning or new families. We urge you to visit our website, where you can find answers to the most common questions. If you are new to swim team, you can find out how swim meets work, etc. 

When does Registration begin for RETURNING Families?

Online registration begins for RETURNING DHST families on Monday, January 17th

When does Online registration begin for NEW Families?

NEW families will be able to begin Online registration on Monday, January 31st

Does DHST have a Parent night or Welcome to DHST night?

"Welcome to DHST night" which will be geared primarily for new families will be held mid-April before jobs open up. It is mandatory that all new families join us. We will be going over swimmer sign-in, parent volunteer responsibilities & commitment, etiquette, expectations, jobs, navigating the Team Unify website, and everything you need to know for the swim season.

How long does the registration period last?

Online registration will run through May 5th, and this is a firm end date for registering for the season. We are unable to re-open after May 5th. There is no other way to register other than Online

How do I pay for registration?

Registration is payable via a credit or debit card only.

If paying by credit card, the swimmer/s registration will be activated soon after (ideally within 48 hours), and swimmer/s will be approved and added to the Roster

Does DHST allow any registration payment plans?

No, Payment is due at the time of registration.

How much is Registration per swimmer?

For all Otter Pups through 13/14 age groups: $525 per swimmer for non-Dana Hills residents, or $500 per swimmer for Dana Hills residents.

15-18 age group: $325 per swimmer for non-Dana Hills residents, $300 per swimmer for Dana Hills residents.

Do you have multi-swimmer discounts?

Yes. $50 discount for registering 2 swimmers; and $150 discount for registering 3 or more swimmers. Discounts do not apply to the 15-18 age group.

What is the Otter Pup program all about?

This is a program for young swimmers who are just getting started with the swim team. Take a look at the Otter Pup information page under Team & Pool Info, and if you have additional questions, please send an email to Otter Pups for more information.

Do families who only have Otter Pup swimmers have a volunteer commitment?

“Otter Pup Only” families are only committed to work at our Pentathlon meet which is the team’s largest fundraiser. 

When does practice begin?

Practice sessions will begin, April 11th, The schedule is posted on the DHST website under the Calendar, 2022 Practice Schedule. IMPORTANT to note, each and every swimmer MUST have a registration on record within our registration database in order to begin practicing, zero exceptions will be made.

What if I register swimmer/s and they decide they no longer wish to participate on the DHST?

We offer a one-week trial for new swimmers. Registration fees for swimmers dropping from the team will be refunded as follows: 75% through April 18th, 50% through April 27th, 30% through May 5th, No refund after May 5th

Does DHST require all swimmers to purchase team suits?

Yes, team suits and caps are required to be worn at all meets.

What if my swimmer(s) don’t plan to attend all practices or all swim meets, may I ask for a pro-rated registration amount based on attendance/participation?

No. Like with all youth sports participation is not mandatory, however, highly recommended. The registration fees are a set amount and we do not offer a “pay per meet, practice” fee schedule

Do I need to live in Dana Hills in order to be a member of the DHST team?

No, however, there is a slight discount if your families reside in the Dana Hills Boundaries, i.e., Dana Hills HOA.

Is there a Dana Hills Pool Membership?

Currently, the Dana Hills HOA does not offer pool membership to non-Dana Hills residents. You can contact them for more information.

Are swimmers automatically entered into swim meets?

No. Families must sign their swimmer/s into each meet they wish to participate in. You can sign up in advance for all meets or weekly.

Calendar of Swim events, etc…?

Click - Swim Meet Schedule

What if I sign in for a meet and then can not make it?

For non-invitational meets, there is no issue with a No Swim (NS). For Invitationals, where DHST pays all entry fees swimmers that No Show without prior notification will be charged splash fees and per entry fees.

What are the parental volunteer requirements if my child swims for DHST?

Our swim team runs on volunteers! Every family needs to do their share to make our team great! Some families fulfill their requirements by doing full-year or full-season jobs (Board Member, Meet Director, Social Chair, etc). The rest of our family’s work at the meets. 

What if I do not complete my volunteer commitments?

If you do not show up for a job you signed up for, the fine is $150. If you do not work the Pentathlon, or arrange for a teen sub, the fine is $250. Your child will also not be allowed to swim until the fine is paid. If you are short points for regular meets at the end of the season, your account will also be charged the equivalent of a teen substitute. Subsequent registrations will not be approved unless all fees are paid in full.

Swim Meet FAQ:

Click - DHST Swim Meet FAQ's