Sponsorship Info

On July 31th 2021, the 61st Annual Cherry Bowl will be hosted by Haddontowne Swim Club. This high
profile event brings together the Cherry Hill Township community. The Cherry Bowl is a one-day
community event and swim competition involving the thirteen neighborhood swim clubs in Cherry Hill,
New Jersey. Each year, approximately 800 swimmers ages 6 to 18 and 2000 spectators gather to
participate in an exciting and positive atmosphere of competition, cooperation, sportsmanship and

Corporate sponsorship is integral to the success of this event. Cherry Bowl has historically benefited
from the aid and participation of an impressive list of businesses. Your organization’s support of Cherry
Bowl demonstrates your commitment to the shared values and goals of the local community. Your
association with the success of Cherry Bowl and the Cherry Hill Association of Pools (CHAP) will be
apparent to the thousands connected with the event, including local news media, 12 swim clubs’
families, fellow sponsors and vendors, and the supporting local political leadership of Town Council and
County government. The websites of Cherry Bowl and Downs Farm Swim Club will also highlight
your sponsorship.

We need your help to make Cherry Bowl 2021 a success.

Please commit to our mutual successes by becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship options are included on the summary document listed below for your consideration.

Thank you in advance for your support!
Cherry Hill Association of Pools