AAU Numbers


To access your list of AAU Numbers from the AAU Website:

  • Go to:  http://www.aausports.org/

  • Click on “Club Admin Login” (which is on the right site of the AAU home page).

  • Enter  “Club code” (which is your club’s AAU ID/code #).

  • Enter  “AAU Individual Club Contact Membership Id” (which is the AAU membership ID # of your Team Rep or coaches).

  • Click on “Push to Login”

  • You will see the page containing: Membership No., Name, Address, Phone and Birth Date.

  • Click and pull down the Menu (on the left side of the Screen) “Club Membership”

  • Click on & Select “Listing (on screen)” (Which is the same screen as above; do NOT select “Listing (Printable)”, which won’t show Birth Date).

  • Drop down “File” menu from the left top menu.

  • Select to “Print”

  • Select printer as “PDF Writer” (or Cute PDF Writer, a free PDF maker).

  • Save file and send to CMSL and other clubs per RSC.