CMSL Officials Training and Certification

For the 2022 Season, Officials must have a current certification and register with the league.  Each team is required to provide one volunteer stroke and turn official to officiate at each meet.

2022 Season Registration Guidance

  1. Officials with a current USA Swimming or YMCA certification that will be performing as a head official for a CMSL meet, MUST register with the league before the meet.

  2. Officials with no certification that would like to take the online stroke and turn training for free MUST register with the league and select "No Current Certification".  A training key will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

  3. For league records to be valid, a USA Swimming Certified Referee or Starter, or YMCA Level 2 official, or Maryland Officials Club Official MUST officiate the meet and three stopwatch times must be recorded.

  4. All requests to schedule officials through Maryland Officials club must be forwarded via e-mail to Barry Schaub .  Requests will be filled in the order that they are received and must be received by June 1, 2022

------------>  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!  <------------


If you are already a certified official with USA Swimming or YMCA, and your certification is current, your certification will be accepted by CMSL, however, you MUST register with the league before you officiate. 


If you are not currently a certified official, and you would like to take the online training offered by CMSL for free, you MUST complete the CMSL registration process.  CMSL will provide up to 5 training keys for free to each team.

  1. Follow the link above to register with the league.
  2. Select no certification when you register.
  3. Within one week of registering, you will be sent a link and a training key for the officials certification training on 

Note: training invitations (links and registration keys) are not sent immediately upon registration. Invitations are generally sent once a week, on Thu or Fri of each week.

Do not purchase training from on your own as it will not be associated with the Central Maryland Swim League.

      4. You will be provided with a  2 hour training course and certification exam

Please direct all questions related to officials training and certification to [email protected]