Swim Team Representative’s Guidelines

(Updated 2016)

A Team Representative serves as a member of the CMSL and is responsible for knowing and abiding by all CMSL Bylaws and Rules of Swimming Competition (RSC) and for ensuring that the swim team complies with them. The duties of the Team Representative include but are not limited to the following:

A. Attend CMSL spring and fall general meetings and any special meetings called by the President or Board of Directors as voting representatives.

  1. At the spring league meeting:
  • provide team information for the handbook to Publications Chairperson.
  • negotiate the dual meet site schedule and decide which team will host the division championship.
  • designate persons to serve as Division, Rules, Grievance & Ethics Committee, and Software Consultant Chairpersons.
  • decide the line up exchange time and meet entry close time.

B. Pay team dues to CMSL Treasurer by the first Sunday in June.

Straehle and Divisional fees must be turned in to the Treasurer at the Straehle Meet.

C. No later than Monday before the first meet of the season:

  1. Complete AAU Insurance Registrations and Bulk Verification on-line.
  2. E-mail swim team rosters in PDF format to the other teams they are competing against and to the Chairperson of the Rules, Grievance and Ethics Committee.  One roster shall be exported and sorted by sex and by age.  The other roster shall include the swimmers AAU Insurance numbers, and shall include the birth date of each swimmer (this roster is printed from the AAU web site in PDF format).  If so desired, a team may choose to submit one roster with the AAU number entered as the swimmer’s athlete ID.
  3. Submit Team Roster Certification Form (to be completed by the Team Representative and Coaches).

D. During the Season: Know the CMSL Rules of Swimming Competition and ensure that coaches, swimmers, and parents/guardians understand and abide by same. This includes:

  1. Confirming competitors meet eligibility requirements and AAU insurance is in place.
  2. Ensuring general meet procedures are followed, facility meets standards, meet entries are submitted properly, officials are paid, timers have stopwatches, etc.
  3. After completion of meet, e-mailing Records & Statistics chairperson full exported meet results in Hy-tek Zip File (.cl2) or .zip file containing .sd3 for all teams, final score sheet signed by meet official, roster additions, and CMSL records.
  4. Completing Maryland Official Club's evaluation form on-line after each home meet.
  5. Sending Dual/Tri-meet Results to all teams on your schedule after each home meet.

E. After the season:

  1. Sending results to Records & Statistics Chairperson if hosting division championships.
  2. Serving on Realignment Committee when team finished in middle of division.

Violations of the RSC may, after an appropriate hearing before the Rules, Grievance, and Ethics Committee, result in forfeiture of points scored, forfeiture of meets, and/or loss of swimmer(s) eligibility for one or more meets.

Repeated, deliberate, and/or flagrant violations shall be referred to the Board of Directors who may, after an appropriate hearing, suspend, expel, or declare other suitable sanctions against the offending swimmer(s), coach(es), or team(s).