Files for Hy-Tek Team/Meet Manager

Many teams in the CMSL use HyTek Team Manager (TM) and Meet Manager (MM).  This page contains some common templates and primers as well as updated record and standards files utilized within the CMSL.

TM/MM Primers
These files provide useful information related to setting up meets and using TM and MM to setup and run CMSL meets.

MM Meet Setup Files
These files can be used as templates to create CMSL dual and tri meets.  Please note that the meet events are preset for eight/six lane yard/meter pools and also to allow 4 events per swimmer so defaults may need to be changed according to your pool size and division.  To use these files, unzip and open the database in MM.  Then use the MM menus to customize the meet date, teams, lanes, etc as required.  

For 3+ Team Double Dual Meets, delect the 3+ Team Dbl Dual option in the meet setup (this will score teams as a series of dual meets).  Once the teams have been entered, click on the 2 or 3+ Double Dual tab in the Setup/Entry Scoring preferences and select the team pairings to be scored.  During the meet when an event is Done and you click on Score button, a report will come up showing scores for each selected paring.  The event status will never change to Scored, as points are calculated differently for this style of meet.  To see complete event by event results for each pairing, go to Reports/Results and under columns select the Dual Meet Format Option.  The Report will display complete event by event results and scores for each pairing.

TM/MM Records Files
The following files contain CMSL records in TM/MM format.  These files can be imported into TM or MM to perform CMSL record checks during/after a meet.  These files will be updated as records are broken throughout the season.  To use these files, download, unzip and
use the TM/MM import function to import the record (.rec) file(s) into your TM/MM software.

TM Event Files
The following files contain CMSL meet events in TM format and can be imported into TM to create a CMSL dual or tri meet.  Once the meet is created, the events can be copied to another CMSL meet.  To use these files, download and 
use the TM/MM import events function to import the events (.zip) file into your TM/MM software.

Straehle Time Standard
The following file contains the CMSL Straehle Time Standard in TM/MM format.  Once imported, the time standard designator (STR) can be specified for inclusion on TM/MM performance time reports.  To use this file, download, unzip and 
use the TM/MM import function to import the standard (.std) file into your TM/MM software.

Disqualification Codes
Meet manager should be configured to use, "USA Swimming 2013 codes" to align with the most recent USA Swimming codes that are printed on the officials credentials.