Swimmers are assigned to a team based on residence.  

  • Swimmers who live on CA assessed property must swim for their neighborhood team.

  • Swimmers who do not live on CA assessed property must swim for the team to which their elementary school is assigned.

  • Swimmers who live outside of Howard County must swim for one of the four underutilized teams - Phelps Luck Snapperes, Clary's Forest/Hawthorn/Swansfield Sundevils, Owen Brown Barracudas and Oakland Mills Tigersharks.

  • Any swimmer, regardless of residence, may elect to swim for one of the four underutilized teamsPhelps Luck Snapperes, Clary's Forest/Hawthorn/Swansfield Sundevils, Owen Brown Barracudas and Oakland Mills Tigersharks.

  • Families are grandfathered into a team if they continue to swim for the same team regardless if they move to another swim team district. If that swimmer or family skips a season, they are no longer grandfathered to that team and have to register for the team assigned to their current residence.

  • Team Assignment List

  • CA Village Maps (once open, click 'Columbia')

  • Elementary School District

  • CA Pool Locations

For more specific team information click on the team name below to be redirected to each team’s website. Teams maintain their own website which is not under the control of Columbia Association. CA is not an agent for this site nor does CA guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in the linked sites.