It takes a tremendous number of volunteers to operate a successful swim team and have a positive experience for the swimmers and their families. Volunteers are needed for serving in administrative roles, event coordinating, and running swim meets. Volunteering is a great way to get to know other swim team families and to create a fun, supportive and lasting experience for each swimmer.

Most volunteer positions do not require any experience. Any training needed is provided by the league. Team Managers coordinate the volunteer signup process for their team. See a list of volunteer opportunities and descriptions at the link below.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Training for the volunteer positions listed below is provided by the league.  Volunteer positions NOT listed below do not require any experience or training.


Training is mandatory for all Officials regardless of prior experience or USA Swimming Certification.  Attend the training at your highest level of prior experience or USA Swimming Certification. You must have been a Stroke & Turn Official for at least ONE SEASON before attending the Starter/Referee training. If you attend Starter/Referee training you do not need to attend the Stroke & Turn training.  Shirts will be distributed at the clinic. You must have a shirt to be on deck in an officiating capacity.

Scorers & Hy-Tek Team Manager Database

Training and / or assistance is available by request.  Please email [email protected] for more information.