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First Dual Meet of 2022!

Parent Liaison

Did Burke Centre score more points today? Indeed. But don’t let that fool you. Rapids don’t actually lose. Rapids work hard. Rapids build. Rapids are positive. Rapids support one another. We saw all of that today. 


Here’s what we have to celebrate today…



Rapids swimmers were smiling, cheering and supporting one another. Tough races? Sure. But not one head was down. 



We showed grit across the board. A few stand outs:


- Michael Strein, 13-14 boys anchor leg fought for 50 meters to out touch the speedy Penguins. 

- 13-14 girls relay, each time BCP dove in, it seemed like they might pull ahead, but the girls were not having it. 

- 15-18 girls relay didn’t get the win, but they kept it insanely close to the very last stroke. 



15-18 boys set an example on how to be proud to compete for your team. They could have easily dialed it in, but instead swam their hardest and set an example for the rest of the kids. I mean, when was the last time you saw an exhibition heat of fly at this level?? 


First place finishers:

Noah Sultan and Thomas Kalka- swept their 3 events! Kane Hansen (2), Max Egbert (2), Sunny Chen (2), Bridget Lawler (1), Marley Antognoli (1), Natalie Schlemmer (1), Gabby Turi (1)


Other favorite moments:


Jack Sanchez - dropped time and had the best smile all day! 


The mighty Hansen brothers stepping up and splashing big. 


Is there anything more joyful than watching 8U fly? So much work…so much reward. 


9-10 Boys and Girls Relays with back to back wins...so exciting! 


Next week, we don’t have a Dual meet — two weeks to get ready for the Froggers! 


Fun fact: the Rapids are one of the few teams in the league and perhaps the only team in the Red Division that operate exclusively as a community team. We grow and build together. 


--Christi Hendershot